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Oculus Quest 2 Cyber Monday deal: $50 voucher with purchase at either Amazon, Newegg, Best Buy, or Oculus store

Oculus Quest 2 Cyber Monday deal: $50 voucher with purchase at either Amazon, Newegg, Best Buy, or Oculus store
(Image credit: Oculus)

Get immersed in the digital world with this fantastic Oculus Quest 2 Cyber Monday deal. We’re already big fans of the Oculus Quest 2 because it’s one of the most affordable and accessible VR headsets on the market, and now you can get a $50 voucher back when you buy the headset from one of several retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, Newegg , and Oculus in this Cyber Monday deal. 

This Oculus Quest 2 Cyber Monday deal is perfect if you're shopping around for multiple things this Cyber Monday as it means you can nab your VR headset and then use the voucher for other great Black Friday deals. Right now you can get the Oculus Quest 2 for $299 at Amazon and get a $50 digital Amazon voucher (opens in new tab)

The same offer is running at Newegg (opens in new tab) where you will get a $50 gift card for Newegg. Likewise, it's also the same deal at Best Buy - buy the Oculus Quest 2 for $299 and get a $50 Best Buy voucher. Finally, if you'd rather use the voucher for more VR gaming, you can get the Oculus Quest 2 from the Oculus store and still get the voucher (opens in new tab)

Oculus Quest 2: Buy for $299 and get a $50 voucher at Amazon (opens in new tab)

Buy our favorite VR headset and get $50 back to spend on other Cyber Monday deals. The Oculus Quest 2 is a fantastic standalone VR headset with exclusive games like Resident Evil 4 VR.

Oculus Quest 2: Buy for $299 and get a $50 voucher at Newegg (opens in new tab)

The exact same deal is on over at Newegg, so it just depends on where you’d rather have that $50 voucher to spend. Newegg has some great Cyber Monday deals on at the moment.

Oculus Quest 2: Buy for $299 and get a $50 voucher at Best Buy (opens in new tab)

Deja vu. Yep, it's the same deal but with a $50 voucher at Best Buy too. If you'd rather spend your money at Best Buy, then this is the deal for you.

The price tag is the same for all four websites and applies to the 128GB version of the Oculus Quest 2, but the offer also extends to the 256GB version which is priced at $399. No matter which version you go for, this is one of the best Cyber Monday VR headset deals we’ve seen so far. 

We’re huge fans of the Oculus Quest 2 - in fact, it’s currently sitting at the top of our best VR headsets (opens in new tab) guide. While there may be more powerful VR headsets out there like the Valve Index, the Quest 2 offers something unique - value. With prices starting at just $299, the Oculus Quest 2 is cheaper than all of its competitors. What’s more, it’s also a standalone VR headset which means you don’t need a powerful gaming PC to use it (though you can still use it with your PC if you want).

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a VR headset is comfort, and the Oculus Quest 2 thoroughly impressed us on that front. It’s lightweight and compact, reducing the strain on your neck during play sessions and packing away easily when you’re not using it. If you want to know more about the Quest 2 before you purchase, you can read our full Oculus Quest 2 review (opens in new tab).

Oculus Quest 2 VR headset

(Image credit: Oculus)

We do know that Facebook (or to use it’s new name, Meta) has another VR headset coming at some point next year, so if you’re looking for the cutting edge then you should consider waiting for Project Cambria (opens in new tab), but for everyone else, this is a fantastic deal. 

If you do make the leap into VR, we can highly recommend the new Resident Evil 4 VR game that came out exclusively on the Oculus Quest 2. You can also check out our best VR space games (opens in new tab) guide if you want something more extraterrestrial.

If you’re looking for a deal on one of the more premium VR headset out there like the Valve Index or HTC Cosmos Elite, we’re afraid there aren’t any… yet. We’ll keep looking as we get closer to Black Friday.

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