Xenomorphs hatch from the deep freeze in Marvel’s new 'Alien' comic series

Closeup of part of Gabriele Dell'Otto's variant cover for "Alien #1," which is coming in April 2023.
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

In space, no one can hear you scream, because the vacuum prevents sound waves from traveling. 

But ear-piercing shrieks delivered in the privacy of your own home are very audible, and the science fiction frights percolating deep in the "Alien" universe may have jolted some out of you.

Picking up where writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson and artists Salvador Larroca and Julius Ohta left off on their scary "Alien" comic book series in 2021/2022, a wintry new venture into the realm of the xenomorph is primed to erupt onto the scene this spring with its ominous frozen moon environment. 

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Alien #1

Dike Ruan's main cover for "Alien #1." (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Written by Irish creator Declan Shalvey ("Batman," "Deadpool," "Moon Knight") and drawn by artist Andrea Broccardo ("Star Wars: The High Republic," "Deep Beyond"), "Alien #1" invades Earth on April 26 to begin an ongoing exploration of the terrifying worlds spawned from Ridley Scott’s 1979 masterpiece of sci-fi horror, "Alien."

Marvel promises that this upcoming venture to unveil myriad extraterrestrial horrors and expand the "Alien" mythology will also present an entirely new roster of characters (tasty meals!) living in a remote patch of the cosmos as they search for a revolutionary scientific discovery.

Alien #1

Declan Shalvey's variant cover for "Alien #1." (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Here’s the official synopsis:

Scientist Batya Zahn will do just about anything to get her family off the icy moon where they’ve been conducting research on water conservation. But there’s more than glacial springs to find in this forgotten corner of the galaxy. When they discover an extraordinary organism buried in the ice, it won’t take long for tensions to heat up. What is hidden in the snow comes forth in the thaw…and no one will be welcoming this spring.

"It's incredibly exciting to take on such a brilliant franchise ... the potential for great stories is limitless," Shalvey said in an official Marvel press release. "I feel like the themes from the films remain quite relevant to today, which makes me feel like we're able to tell contemporary stories set in that iconic universe. 

"I'm very much hoping to channel the mood and atmosphere of those films while doing something new, and Andrea has done an incredible job of putting the reader in that recognizable world. With this new series, I think we have a really interesting addition to the lore of 'Alien.'"

Alien #1

Gabriele Dell'Otto's variant cover for "Alien #1." (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Marvel Comics' "Alien #1" bursts into comic shops with a main cover from artist Dike Ruan and special variants courtesy of Declan Shalvey and Gabriele Dell'Otto on April 26, 2023.

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