New 'Aliens Artbook' celebrates the 35th anniversary of James Cameron's iconic sci-fi sequel

The "Aliens Artbook" from Printed in Blood and Titan Books celebrates the sci-fi film's 35th anniversary.
The "Aliens Artbook" from Printed in Blood and Titan Books celebrates the sci-fi film's 35th anniversary. (Image credit: Titan Books)

Director James Cameron had some legendary shoes to fill when he took on the daunting task of filming a sequel to Ridley Scott’s 1979 masterpiece "Alien." But in 1986, Cameron rose to the occasion and crafted a cinematic juggernaut in "Aliens" that stands as one of the best follow-ups in Hollywood history and launched an entire franchise.

Last year marked the 35th anniversary of "Aliens," which assaulted theaters beginning on July 18, 1986 and went on to storm the summer box office with a worldwide take of $183 million. A series of sequels, books, comics and video games would follow (check out our favorite Aliens movies ranked worst to best). To celebrate that legacy, Printed in Blood and Titan Books have now teamed up to honor “Aliens’” big birthday with this month's release of the "Aliens Artbook."

Cameron sidestepped the more atmospheric, stylish approach that Scott applied to the material and instead went for the jugular with an old-fashioned military combat thriller centering on a rag-tag team of colonial marines battling a nest of nasty xenomorphs on the planetoid LV-426. It also spawned perhaps the most terrifying beast in the vast pantheon of sci-fi with the introduction of the deadly Alien Queen.

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Aliens Artbook (Printed in Blood, Titan Books): was $50

Aliens Artbook (Printed in Blood, Titan Books): was $50 now $45.49 at Amazon

See the stunning art behind James Cameron's iconic "Aliens" sequel to Ridley Scott's classic in this new art book to mark the film's anniversary.

The new book is a striking, 224-page collection of all-original artwork from an acclaimed assortment of professional illustrators, visionary painters, comic book pencillers, graphic designers, cartoonists, and Hollywood concept artists that resonates with insane creativity and imagination.

Brimming with over 100 all-new pieces of artwork honoring the emotional impact of "Aliens," this collector hardback contains everything from conceptual movie one-sheets, spaceship sketches, character portraits, nightmarish scene recreations, faux book covers, propaganda recruitment posters, chilling alien imagery, and whimsical cartoonish renderings of Ripley and the movie’s iconic monsters.

The impressive roster of contributing artists includes Tony Rodriguez, Jennifer Skarupa, Neil Butler, Cliff Cramp, Andy Fairhurst, Alejandro Colucci, Neil Davies, Paul Butcher, Angel Trancon, Liam Shaw, and Justin Froning.

The "Aliens Artbook" is available now at local comic shops, bookstores, and online outlets.

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