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Oreo Moon Landing Cookies Touch Down in Stores (With Stickers!)

Marshmallow Moon Oreo cookies, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, have touched down on store shelves across the United States.
Marshmallow Moon Oreo cookies, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, have touched down on store shelves across the United States. (Image credit:

Houston, the Oreo moon landing cookies have landed.

A month after being announced by Nabisco, the limited edition "Marshmallow Moon" Oreos — and their bonus collectible moon landing-themed stickers — have begun arriving on store shelves. The cookies come just in time to celebrate the 50 years since NASA's Apollo 11 mission, which saw the first astronauts walk on the moon in July 1969.

"The limited-edition features three fun, moon-landing designs on the cookie with delicious purple marshmallow creme inside. Plus, the cookies come in glow-in-the-dark packaging with anniversary sticker sets on the pack," an Oreo spokesperson said in a statement.

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When first held under a flashlight (for best effect), the pack's "Marshmallow" lettering and the "M" and "N" in "Moon" glow in the dark. The inscription "Moon Landing 50th Anniversary" is also printed in phosphorescent ink.

Three glow-in-the-dark, space-related stickers are attached on the back of each cookie pack, with a total of nine stickers available.

"Stickers adhere best to smooth, flat surfaces like notebooks and laptops," the package reads. "Three different sticker sets across three packs. Collect them all!"

The first set of sticker designs include an illustrated astronaut planting a "50" flag atop an Oreo cookie; a rocket blasting through space, trailing the words "Moon Landing 50 Years"; and a field of stars behind the words "Celebrating 50th Anniversary," where the zero in "50" is represented by the moon. 

Marshmallow Moon Oreo cookie packs come with a set of three moon landing 50th anniversary stickers, with three sets available.  (Image credit:

The second set includes a Marshmallow Moon Oreo with the words "50 Years Moon Landing"; a purple moon with a space shuttle orbiter blasting out of a glass of milk; and an Oreo cookie surrounded by "Celebrating The Moon Landing 50th Anniversary."

The final three stickers include a rocket orbiting an Oreo with "Moon Landing 50 Years"; a design that reads "50th Anniversary Moon Landing"; and an Oreo cookie wrapped by the words "Moon Landing 50th Anniversary."

The cookies inside each pack feature similar designs, including a crescent moon with three stars, an Apollo-like spacesuited astronaut standing by a flag with stars and a planet in the sky, and a space shuttle blasting through a field of stars.

Nabisco (and its parent company, Mondelēz International) has not said how many of the limited edition packs are being made or how long the Marshmallow Moon Oreo cookies will be available in stores.

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