In Photos: China's Chang'e 4 Moon Rover Toys Celebrate Mission to Lunar Far Side

Mini Rover on Display

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China became the first nation to land a spacecraft on the far side of the moon when its Chang’e-4 mission touched down at the Von Kármán Crater on Jan. 2, 2019. The China Lunar Exploration Program (CLEP) has given the Maisto Tech toy company exclusive rights to create toy versions of the Chang’e-4 mission components, including the Yutu-2 lunar rover, that can move around and light up. Click through this gallery to see what they’ve created!

Testing the Parts

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A motorized, 1:8 scale model of China's Chang'e-4 lunar rover, named Yutu-2, undergoes testing by an employee in a Maisto Tech plant production line in Dongguan, China, on Nov. 16, 2018. This model includes an infrared sensor that will prevent the motorized rover from bumping into things like walls, furniture and other obstacles.

Putting the Pieces Together

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At a Maisto Tech plant in Dongguan, China, employees assemble electronic components for 1:8 scale models of the Chang'e-4 lunar rover.

Adding the Shine

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At a Dongguan, China plant, a Maisto Tech employee works on the assembly of a 1:8 scale model of the Chang'e-4 rover.

Checking Connections

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A Maisto Tech plant employee runs tests on a miniature version of the Chang'e-4 lunar rover on Nov. 16, 2018.

Construction in Progress

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An employee at a Maisto Tech plant in Dongguan, China, has three Chang'e-4 lunar rover models in various stages of assembly.

Components in Place

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An employee positions components of the Chang'e-4 lunar rover model at a Maisto Tech plant.

A Hands-On Experience


For little hands who hope to understand more about moon missions, this toy version, at 1:8 scale, of the Chang'e-4 lunar rover was created by Maisto Tech. The company also plans to launch a smaller, 1:16 version of the rover, as well as a 1:20 model of the Chang'e-4 lunar lander. Pricing and availability of the toys has not yet been specified.

Picturing a Future Mission

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At a Maisto Tech plant in Dongguan, China, a 1:8 scale model of the Chang'e-4 lunar rover is on display with astronaut models in a cosmic setting. [Read more about China's lunar exploration plans here: China Just Landed on the Moon's Far Side — and Will Probably Send Astronauts on Lunar Trips]

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