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Author Kim Stanley Robinson Talks China and Lunar Settlement in Novel 'Red Moon'

Robinson Red Moon
"Red Moon," Kim Stanley Robinson's newest novel, reveals the true perils of human habitation on the moon.
(Image: © Courtesy of Hachette Book Group)

Buzz Aldrin in front of the Apollo 11 lunar module. Kim Stanley Robinson drew some inspiration from the Apollo missions for his new book, "Red Moon."
 (Image credit: Neil Armstrong/NASA) What do you hope readers take away from "Red Moon"? 

I think the main thing I want them to take away from my book "Red Moon" is that China is really interesting and important and nobody understands it — and I mean not just Americans, who definitely don't understand it, but even the Chinese people themselves.

It's a big, powerful society in rapid flux. It's unstable and dynamic and it's super interesting. 

That's the first thing. … The moon itself — I think people will come away with the same sort of feeling I did, that it's small, dangerous, interesting but not important in human affairs. 

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