Astronaut Alan Bean Remembered: Photos of a Moonwalker-Turned-Artist

Alan Bean at Skylab


Skylab II commander Alan Bean spacewalking outside Skylab, the United States’ first space station.

Flying High


During an Aug. 27, 1973 session in the forward dome area of the Orbital Workshop on the space station cluster in Earth orbit, astronaut Alan L. Bean, commander of Skylab 3, flies the M509 Astronaut Maneuvering Equipment. Bean rides the back mounted, hand-controlled Automatically Stabilized Maneuvering Unit around the dome which is approximately 22 feet by 19 feet.

Checking the Data


Inside Skylab during the second manned Skylab mission, astronaut and commander Alan L. Bean holds teleprinter tape while reading from a book. Bean is in the ward room of the Skylab space station's Orbital Workshop.

Family of an Astronaut


Alan L. Bean's wife and children are photographed at their home near the Johnson Space Center. Bean, training at JSC, prepares for the second manned Skylab mission.

A Beautiful Hobby

Tom Stoddart/Getty

Inside his art studio, Apollo 16 astronaut Alan Bean shows off some of his paintings of scenes from space.

Works of Art

Bill Ingalls/NASA

During the 40th anniversary celebration of Apollo on July 20, 2009 an art show for NASA astronaut and Artist Alan Bean was on display in the show "Alan Bean: Painting Apollo, First Artist on Another World." The exhibit was held at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington.

Honoring an Artist

Bill Ingalls/NASA

During the July 20, 2009 art show honoring Alan L. Bean, NASA Apollo 7 Astronaut Walt Cunningham, left, and NASA STS-125 Mission Specialist Michael Massimino talk with an additional guest.

An Artist-Astronaut

Bill Ingalls/NASA

During the 40th anniversary of Apollo, astronaut and artist Alan L. Bean speaks at the opening of the exhibition of his art.

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