'Stargate' Prequel Series Finishes Filming: Check Out This Sneak Peek

If a sneak peek of "Stargate Origins" is any indication, there should be some fun action scenes and lots of portals in the prequel series to the famous franchise.

The series, which will air in 10-minute episodes on MGM's digital platform "Stargate Command," will be released sometime in 2018. A new video showing highlights from the filming shows the cast and crew working in locations ranging from dunes to warehouses.

"Every day, you come here, and you realize you're filming 'Stargate' — like, it's insane," one actor (who was not identified in the video) said.

"It's fun," added another actor. "I mean, how often do you get this opportunity as an actor, as a storyteller?"

Fan favorite Catherine Langford (played by Ellie Gall in the new series) makes a prominent return in the new series. The video shows her standing in awe before a stargate and taking part in fight scenes. In one memorable outtake, Gall accidentally yells "bang!" just after firing a gun. "I'm sorry — I yelled 'bang!'" she said while laughing.

"In this revealing footage, we get an in-depth look at some of the stunning real-life locations where filming took place, meeting new faces and set pieces along the way," the description on YouTube reads. "From sweeping dunes to rocky cliffs, these locations proved challenging to shoot in, but as we think you'll all agree, the end result was 100 percent worth it."

The series also stars Connor Trinneer as Catherine's father, Professor Langford; longtime fans of the franchise will also remember Trinneer as Michael Kenmore on "Stargate: Atlantis." Other actors who are participating include Salome Azizi, Philip Alexander, Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez, Daniel Rashid, Sarah Navratil, Shvan Aladdin, Tonatiuh Elizarraraz, Derek Chariton, Justin Michael Terry and Lincoln Werner Hoppe. Their roles have not been disclosed yet.

The "Stargate" franchise has 20 seasons and more than 380 episodes (so far), as well as several movies. The new series is written by Mark Ilvedson and Terry, and is co-produced by MGM's digital group and the entertainment studio New Form.

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