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25 Lego Sets You Need In Your Collection

Lego Batman Movie Batcave 70909


Relive the excitement of the Lego Batman movie by building your own Batcave. This 1,047 piece set comes with the parts to build a control center, bat computer and a transformation chamber. It also comes with the Penguin's DUck Mobile, a Bat Boat and minifigures for Batman, the Penguin, Bruce Wayne and Alfred.

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Lego Tower Bridge 10214


This 4,295-piece set builds a very realistic and large rendition of London's Tower bridge, complete with a working drawbridge to let your Lego boats get through. It also comes with a four mini vehicles to cross the bridge, including a British taxi and a doubledecker bus.

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Lego Mindstorms EV3 31313


While Lego Boost provides a great introduction to robotics and coding, Mindstorms takes your projects to the next level. The EV3 kit includes Wi-Fi connectivity, three servo motors, a remote control, sensors and over 550 elements. It comes with the pieces and instructions for building five different kinds of robots which are highly mobile and programmable.

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Lego Batman Movie Batmobile 70905


Race your minifigs around the livingroom in this awesome rolling Batmobile. The 581-piece set comes with the parts to build the 11-inch long car and five different minifigures, including Batman and Robin.

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Lego Power Functions Motor Set 8293


If you want to add motors to an existing project such as a Technics vehicle, the Power Functions Motor Set lets you do just that for under $30. The kit comes with a single motor, a battery box and and a light up cable that you can use to bring your Lego cars, trucks and planes to life.

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Lego Ninjago Samurai VXL Vehicle 70625


Lego's Ninjago characters are extremely popular, appearing in cartoons, video games and their own feature film. The company makes a number of Ninjago sets, but we like the Samurai VXL vehicle, because it provides an affordable way to get into the series. Besides, who doesn't love a car with giant wheels and rapid-firing weapons? The VXL also comes with four minifigures and a host of tiny weapons.

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Lego Creator Space Shuttle Explorer 31066


There are a ton of detailed Lego space kits, but the Creator Space Shuttle Explorer allows you to build a fairly detailed spacecraft, without breaking the bank. The 285-piece kit can not only build a space shuttle with a telescoping arm, but can also be used to create a moon station or a rover.

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Lego Dimensions Starter Pack


Available for most consoles (PS3, PS4, XBox, Wii U), Lego Dimensions combines the joys of brick building with an immersive video game universe. The starter pack comes with a portal and three minifigs: Batman, Wyldstyle and Gandalf. You put the figures on the portal and they're in the game on your TV, ready for exciting adventures. There are a ton of different add-on sets with different characters, ranging from Doctor Who to Harry Potter or even the A-Team.

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Lego Marvel Super Heroes Black Panther Pursuit


This very-affordable set takes some of the coolest aspects of Captain America: Civil War and turns them into Legos. The set comes iwth the parts to build Black Panther's jet and Captain Amercia's 4x4 jeep, the latter of which can shoot missiles. There's also a motorcycle and minifigures of Black Panther, Captain America and the Winter Soldier.

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Lego Super Heroes Attack on Avengers Tower 76038


You can have quite a nerd debate about which superhero has the best lair, but there's no doubt which supergroup has the best Lego headquarters. This 515-piece Avengers Tower stands 14-inches high with six rooms, across three stories. It also comes with minifigs of Ultron Mark 1, Iron Man and Thor.

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