'People of Earth': A Comedy of Alien Proportions (Photos)

Budding Friendships


The first season of TBS' "People of Earth" opened with a reporter named Ozzie (played by Wyatt Cenac) venturing out of New York City to sleepy Beacon, NY to investigate StarCrossed, an alien abductee support group (though they prefer the term "experiencer"). As Ozzie gets to know the members of the group he begins to see past his initial biases and simultaneously starts to remember some unsettling elements in his own past that his new friends are certain point to an alien experience. In its second season, "People of Earth" expands beyond that premise with complex character development for "experiencers" and aliens alike.

Here, Gerry Johnson (played by Luka Jones) fulfills his lifelong dream of becoming an alien experiencer and in typical Gerry fashion attempts to make friends with Don the White (played by Björn Gustafsson) and Jeff the Grey (played by Ken Hall). [Read an interview with Ken Hall on the show's second season here.]

Mr. Fixit


Jonathan Walsh (played by Michael Cassidy), a former CEO and undercover lizard person, attempts to fix his longtime assistant Nancy (played by Debra McCabe), a humanoid robot.

I Brought a Friend


Ozzie Graham (played by Wyatt Cenac), former big city journalist and current small city journalist/alien experiencer, shows up to group therapy with a goldfish in tow.

True Feelings


Yvonne Watson (played by Da'Vine Joy Randolph), an alien experiencer and postal worker, discovers her unexpected romantic feelings towards Gerry during a StarCrossed meeting.

A Difficult Conversation


Father Doug (played by Oscar Nuñez), the priest at the church where StarCrossed meets, and Gina Morrison (played by Ana Gasteyer), the leader of StarCrossed, confront the others about no longer being able to meet at their current location after Father Doug's apparent "abduction."

The Rock


Frazzled, Jeff the Grey (played by Ken Hall) attempts to hold everything together on the ship while his co-workers desert him and fall short on their responsibilities.

On the Search


The alien ship in People of Earth circles the planet looking for subjects.



The whole StarCrossed group in their favorite meeting place, including (left to right): Yvonne Watson (Da'Vine Joy Randolph), Chelsea Healey (Tracee Chimo), Father Doug (Oscar Nuñez), Richard Shenk (Brian Huskey), Gina Morrison (Ana Gasteyer), Ozzie Graham (Wyatt Cenac), Margaret Flood (Nancy Lenehan), Gerry Johnson (Luka Jones), and Kelly Grady (Alice Wetterlund).

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