'Star Trek: Discovery' Promises Diversity & 'Slightly More Graphic Content'

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More and more details about CBS's new streaming series "Star Trek: Discovery" are coming to light. Speaking at a Television Critics Association event (as reported by Deadline), showrunner Bryan Fuller revealed new information about the lead character, cast, and content viewers can expect from the show.

For starters, according to Fuller, the show's lead character will be a woman - but she won't be a captain. Rather, she'll be a "Lieutenant Commander with caveats."

"We haven't cast her yet and we don't know what level of diversity, she will be. The story that's fascinating for me is that we've seen six series from captain's point of view and to see one from another point of view gives us a richer context," Fuller explained. As for the rest of the crew, Fuller promises both real world and fictional diversity among the other castmembers (of whom he says there will be around seven), saying there will be at least one openly gay character, as well as an alien named Saru. Fuller said the intent was to carry on the tradition of diversity of the original "Star Trek" cast. ["Star Trek: Discovery" in Pictures (Gallery)]

"We're absolutely about continuing that tradition," Fuller explained, "It's about who's the best actor, what can we say about diversity in every role. We'll have more aliens than you have on a Star Trek cast."

In terms of the show's setting, Fuller said it takes place about a decade before the original "Star Trek" series or current film series. The story will be told through 13 episodes, featuring a less episodic story than previous series, and will be slightly more adult than other "Star Trek" series.

"It's still Star Trek and we're not subject to broadcast standards and practices. Hannibal was, and we got away with murder. There will be slightly more graphic content."

"Star Trek Discovery" begins filming in two months for a January 2017 premiere on CBS before becoming exclusive to CBS's All Access streaming service.

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