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Peculiar Outlier Galaxy Offers Unique Laboratory | Space Wallpaper

Peculiar Outlier Galaxy Offers Unique Laboratory
UGC 4879 lies 2.3 million light years from its closest neighbor, offering a rare opportunity for astronomers to study star formation untouched by interactions with other galaxies. (Image credit: NASA/ESA)

The smattering of stars across this image create galaxy UGC 4879, an irregular dwarf galaxy. This type of galaxy is smaller and more chaotic than the more common spiral and elliptical types of galaxies. UGC 4879 is extremely secluded, with its closest neighbor more then 2 million light-years away. Due to its unique location, the small galaxy offers astronomers a rare opportunity to study star formation outside the interactions of other galaxies. [50 Fabulous Deep-Space Nebula Photos]

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