'Star Trek' Quadcopter Will Let You Fly the USS Enterprise

Spin Master's "Star Trek" Enterprise Drone
Spin Master's "Star Trek" Enterprise drone will be out July 1, just in time for the TV show's 50th anniversary. (Image credit: Tariq Malik/Space.com)

NEW YORK — "Just wait until you see the Enterprise." Those were the words we heard walking through Spin Master's booth at Toy Fair 2016. (When you tell people you work for a website called Space.com, they assume you and your co-workers are all a bunch of Trekkies — and they're right.) Seconds after hearing this, we turned the corner and came face to face with the toy we'd been seeking for two days: a Starship Enterprise drone.

It was, surprisingly, the only "Star Trek" drone we came across at Toy Fair this year, but it fulfilled every fantasy we had for the toy. The drone is modeled after starship Enterprise NCC-1701A, the second ship in the series to bear the name Enterprise. Called Enterprise-A for short, it replaced the original ship in 2286 after the first Enterprise was destroyed when Kirk flew to the Genesis Planet to rescue Spock. 

The Air Hogs USS Enterprise NCC-1701A quadcopter drone can be seen in action in this still from a Spin Master video. (Image credit: Tariq Malik/Space.com)

Spin Master's Air Hogs model replicates Enterprise perfectly, complete with blue lights and 10 authentic sound effects. The four rotors that lift and steer the drone are even hidden inside the ship's saucer, so they don't detract from the overall realistic look. Other than the see-through saucer, it's an almost exact replica of Kirk's ship.

So set phasers to fly: The Enterprise drone is expected to hit store shelves July 1, just in time for "Star Trek's" 50th anniversary and should retail for $129.99.

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