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Lichen, Pizza and Mars Crew 149 (Gallery)

Adventures on Mars (or Utah)

Kellie Gerardi

Mars Desert Research Station Crew 149 member Kellie Gerardi contributed this article to's Expert Voices: Op-Ed & Insights.

Mars Desert Research Station Crew 149 has just embarked on their Utah excursion, simulating life on Mars. These are images from their early adventures. Read more in Kellie Gerardi's feature "Mars on Earth? What Life Is Like on the 'Red Planet’" and see a gallery from her experiences here.

Above: From left to right, MDRS Crew 149 Members Kellie Gerardi, Pamela Nicoletatos and Ann-Sofie Schreurs.

The first step

Kellie Gerardi

The door to the MDRS 149 habitation module.

The uniform

Kellie Gerardi

MDRS Crew 149 member Kellie Gerardi tries on her EVA suit.

The ride

Kellie Gerardi

An MDRS 149 "astronaut" takes an extended EVA with a crew rover.

The job

Kellie Gerardi

Plants under study in the MDRS 149 laboratory.

The place

Kellie Gerardi

The Utah desert is an analog for several elements of the marian environment.

The likeness

Kellie Gerardi

On an EVA in the red, dusty desert of Utah, it's easy to see how one can feel transported to Mars.

The crew

Kellie Gerardi

The Mars Desert Research Station 149 crew.

The focus

Kellie Gerardi

The MDRS 149 research will focus on lichen, as it could potentially serve as a protective, living environment for oxygen-producing cyanobacteria transported to Mars.

The life

Kellie Gerardi

How to make pizza on Mars, with Dr. Elena Miscodan.

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