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Best Space Photos of the Week - Jan. 4, 2014

Jaw-Dropping Views of Saturn Cap 2013 for NASA's Cassini Spacecraft (Photos)

NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute

Saturn and two of its moons, Enceladus and Titan, appear as pretty as holiday ornaments in new images from NASA's Cassini spacecraft. [See More Photos]

First Asteroid Discovery of 2014 Likely Hit Earth


Astronomers have spotted the first new asteroid of 2014 — a car-size space rock that apparently slammed into Earth's atmosphere just after the calendar turned over. [Read the Full Story]

China's Moon Rover and Lander Spotted by NASA Spacecraft (Photos)

NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University

China's first moon lander and rover have been spotted on the lunar surface by a sharp-shooting NASA spacecraft orbiting the moon. [Read the Full Story]

LEGO Launches Mars Curiosity Rover, 5 More Toy Brick Spacecraft Await Liftoff


NASA's Mars Curiosity rover has landed in LEGO's toy catalog and is now available for order. [See how to build your own Curiosity rover LEGO model, and vote for five other iconic model ideas.]

Astronauts Wish Earth Happy New Year from Space (Video)


Astronauts on the International Space Station beamed a special Happy New Year greeting to the world to ring in 2014. See a video of the space station crew's video broadcast in NYC's Times Square. [See the Video]

Major Blizzard Visible from Space


The winter storm that lashed the Midwest and Northeast over the last couple of days and has left a blanket of snow in its wake also brought with it sub-zero, bone-chilling winds that are keeping the snow fresh and frozen. The storm's huge expanse across nearly two-thirds of the country was clearly visible in satellite imagery. [Read the Full Story]

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