100 Most Spectacular Night Sky Photos of 2013

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Seen in Frankfurt, Germany

Stanislaus Ronny Terence

Space enthusiast Stanislaus Ronny Terence of Chennai, India, took these images of the penumbral lunar eclipse of April 25, 2013, during a visit to Frankfurt, Germany.

Partial Lunar Eclipse and Flowering Trees Over Macedonia

Stojan Stojanovski/Amateur Astronomy Association Ohrid Macedonia

Flowering tree branches delicately frame the partial lunar eclipse of April 25, 2013, in Ohrid, Macedonia. Photo provided by astrophotographer Stojan Stojanovski.

Moonrise During Partial Lunar Eclipse Over Portugal

Carlos Dias

Carlos Dias submitted this photo of the moonrise during the partial eclipse on April 25, 2013 from Coimbra, Portugal.

Aurora Borealis Over Maine Pond

Mike Taylor Photography

An aurora glows over Unity Pond in Unity, Maine. Image taken by astrophotographer Mike Taylor on May 18, 2013.

Saturn and Moons

Scott MacNeill

Astrophotographer Scott MacNeill sent in this image of Saturn and moons: Titan (left), Tethys (top center), Dione (mid center), Rhea (bottom center), and Enceladus (right). He took the image from the Frosty Drew Observatory in Charlestown, R.I on May 18, 2013.

Summer Milky Way Rising With Airglow Over Colorado

Daniel McVey/www.danielmcvey.com

Astrophotographer Daniel McVey sent in a photo of the Milky Way rising with airglow visible over Summit County, Colorado, taken in May 2013. He writes: "The lights in the background are coming from nearby mountain towns as well as a soft glow from the city of Denver. The reds and greens are what is known as airglow." The phenomenon is caused by several processes in the upper atmosphere.

Triple Planet Alignment Seen on Haleakala Summit, Maui

Mike Dillinger

Astrophotographer Mike Dillinger sent in a photo of the planetary conjuction of Mercury, Venus and Jupiter, taken from Haleakala Summit on Maui, HI, May 26, 2013.

29% Waxing Crescent Moon Over Tucson, AZ

BG Boyd

Astrophotographer BG Boyd sent in a photo of a 29% waxing crescent moon taken on May 15, 2013, Tucson, AZ.

Saturn Over Cranford, NJ

Tony Sharfman

Astrophotographer Tony Sharfman sent in a photo of Saturn taken in Cranford, NJ, May 20, 2013.

Horsehead Nebula Imaged in Florida

Steve Coates

Astrophotographer Steve Coates sent in a photo of Barnard 33, the Horsehead Nebula, taken from what he calls his "light-polluted backyard" in Ocala, Florida. The picture was imaged in Dec. 2011, Jan. 2012, and Nov. 2012.

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