Best Night Sky Photos of the Week: Nov. 9, 2013

Comet ISON Soars Past Distant Galaxies in Amazing Photo

Scott Ferguson

Faraway galaxies surround the potentially dazzling Comet ISON as it streaks toward the sun in this stunning photo recently submitted to by skywatcher Scott Ferguson. [Read the Full Story]

Two Galaxies Share Spotlight in Stunning Stargazer Photo

Gregg Ruppel |

Two interacting galaxies shine in the constellation Triangulum in this spectacular image. [Read the Full Story]

Photos: Views of Rare Solar Eclipse from 44,000 Feet

Ben Cooper and Don Hladiuk

The wing of our Dassault Falcon 900B jet is visible in this wide angle photo taken during the instant of maximum eclipse where we had the diamond-ring effect. The moon’s shadow appears across the clouds in a long, thin elliptical shape. [See More Photos]

Amazing Moon Rises Over City Hall in Sweden (Photo)

Göran Strand | |

The moon rises over the city hall of Östersund, Sweden in this image taken by Göran Strand. See how he captured the Swedish moonrise photo. [Read the Full Story]

Skywatcher Sees Amazing Moon Probe Launch From NYC (Photo)

Kevin Hsu

Amateur photographer Kevin Hsu was just finishing up a shift as resident radiologist at Medical Center in the Bronx, N.Y. when he learned NASA's Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) moon probe would be soaring across the night sky over New York City in roughly twenty minutes — just enough time to grab a camera to capture the show. [Read the Full Story]

Stargazing Astronaut Photographs Famed Constellations in Space (Images)

Karen L. Nyberg (via Twitter as @AstroKarenN)

Constellations seen from Earth inspire wonder in many skywatchers, but what do they look like when viewed from space? One astronaut on the International Space Station beamed down her special cosmic views to Earth via social media. [Read the Full Story]

November 2013 Hybrid Solar Eclipse Seen by Proba-2 Satellite


A still from a video shows the hybrid solar eclipse of Nov. 3, 2013. The video was taken by taken by ESA satellite Proba-2 using its SWAP imager, which snaps the sun in ultraviolet light. [Read the Full Story]

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