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Photo Tour: Canadian Space Agency Headquarters

Canadian Space Agency Lobby

Elizabeth Howell

With Canada's commitment to the International Space Station currently expiring in 2020, the Canadian Space Agency is starting to look at more options for space exploration. Rovers, and robotic technology following on from the famed Canadarm, are some of the ideas.

This behind-the-scenes tour of the agency in Longueuil, Que. (near Montreal) took place June 6 as part of the annual Canadian Science Writers' Association conference.

In this photo, the lobby of the Canadian Space Agency emphasizes international collaboration as well as art that looks a lot like planetary orbits.

Eyeing Artemis Jr.

Elizabeth Howell

Alain Ouelett, the CSA's acting director of space exploration development, explains the features of the Artemis Jr. Lunar rover prototype.

Canadian Space Experiment Communications

Elizabeth Howell

Researchers will sometimes communicate directly with NASA and the International Space Station in this room while performing experiments, says Ken Lord, the CSA's manager of exploration and ground infrastructure.

Testing the Juno Rover

Elizabeth Howell

In the CSA's "Mars Yard", the Juno lunar rover prototype performs donuts and driving under the control of Simon Rocheleau, a member of the CSA's robotics and engineering group.

Robotics Research Together

Elizabeth Howell

The design of CSA's robotic operations mission centre is supposed to encourage researchers to congregate in groups.

Decorative Mission Patches

Elizabeth Howell

Patches for Canadian space experiments and instruments are included on this array of stickers on a locker in the CSA.

Robotics On Display

Elizabeth Howell

An engineering model of the robotic Canadarm sits in the CSA's "high bay" of equipment behind Mario Ciaramicoli, the agency's operations manager.

Astronaut Robotics Training

Elizabeth Howell

All astronauts do preliminary space training for robotics in this room in the CSA. On the "wall" of this model of the U.S. Destiny station module (right) is a robotics workstation similar to what is found on the International Space Station. At left is a table with a small station model.

Canadian Robotics Mission Control

Elizabeth Howell

Workers perform maintenance on a mission control room at the CSA normally used during robotics work on the International Space Station.

Mini Hadfield

Elizabeth Howell

Mini models of astronaut Chris Hadfield, the commander of just-completed Expedition 35, in a CSA office.

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