Lunar Eclipse Photos: Full Moon of April 2013

Partial Lunar Eclipse Over Macedonia

Stojan Stojanovski/Amateur Astronomy Association Ohrid Macedonia

Astrophotographer Stojan Stojanovski of the Amateur Astronomy Association, Ohrid, Macedonia, sent in this photo of the partial lunar eclipse of April 25, 2013, taken in Macedonia. [Read the full story]

Diagram of Partial Lunar Eclipse, April 25, 2013

Virtual Telescope Project/Software: TheSkyX Pro by Software Bisque

This still frame from an animated video simulates the darkest part of the partial lunar eclipse on April 25, 2013. The reddish circle shows the umbra; the lighter grayish circle shows the penumbra. [Read the full story]

Almost Full Moon in New Market

Jill Winsett

Astrophotographer Jill Winsett caught this photo right after sunset just before full moon, April 23, 2013 in New Market, AL. [Read the full story]

Nearly Full Moon of April 2013 Over Maple Valley, WA

Jason Groepper

Astrophotographer Jason Groepper from Maple Valley, WA, sent in a photo of the nearly full moon. Image submitted April 23, 2013. [Read the full story]

Virtual Telescope Project’s Partial Lunar Eclipse Sequence

Gianluca Masi / Virtual Telescope Project /

This sequence shows the end of the partial phase of the lunar eclipse, with increasing interference from clouds. These images were taken during the live, online event offered by the Virtual Telescope Project, with thousands of people looking at the eclipse from all over the world. This image was released April 25, 2013.

Moonrise During Partial Lunar Eclipse Over Portugal

Carlos Dias

Carlos Dias submitted this photo of the moonrise during the partial eclipse on April 25, 2013 from Coimbra, Portugal.

Partial Lunar Eclipse Seen from Philippines

Peter Jones Dela Cruz

Peter Jones Dela Cruz submitted this photo of the partial lunar eclipse over General Santos City, Philippines, on April 26, 2013.

Pink Full Moon Over Virginia Beach

Greg Diesel Photography

Greg Diesel sent in this image of the pink full moon over Virginia Beach, Va. on April 25, 2013. He used a SONY A65 camera, 270mm zoom, 1/60sec shutter, and 1600 ISO to capture this image.

ISS, Saturn, and Full Moon Over Tucson

BG BOYD / BG photo

Astrophotographer B.G. Boyd sent in this photo of the International Space Station, Saturn and the full moon over Tucson, Ariz. on April 25, 2013. “I was excited tonight to capture the ISS (magnitude of -3 tonight) with one camera and the full moon and Saturn with another. When I realized that the ISS was heading over towards the moon, I quickly repositioned my camera to get all three in one frame,” Boyd wrote in an email.

Full Moon Over West Virginia

Jennifer Rose Lane

Jennifer Rose Lane sent in this image of the full moon taken in Chapmanville, W. Va. on April 25, 2013

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