Best Space Photos of the Week - March 17, 2012

Apollo 11 Moon Landing Site Seen in Unprecedented Detail

NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera snapped its best look yet of the Apollo 11 landing site. The photo, which was released on March 7, even shows remnants of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin's historic first steps on the moon. [Full Story]

Skywatcher Photos Capture Dazzling Meetup of Venus & Jupiter

Shawn Malone

Skywatchers around the world snapped amazing shots of Venus and Jupiter hanging together in the night sky this month. [Full Story]

Jupiter Rises Over Abandoned Bridge in Stunning Skywatcher Photo

P-M Hedén/TWAN

Jupiter soars over an abandoned, 100-year old railroad bridge once used to cross the Dal River near the village of Gysinge in Sweden. An ideal location to spot familiar objects in the night sky, astrophotographer P-M Hedén of The World at Night shot this serene photo on September, 2011. [Full Story]

Jupiter, Venus Dance Above Colorado Peaks in Stunning Skywatcher Video

Patrick Cullis

A skywatcher has captured a stunning video of Venus and Jupiter dancing over Colorado's Flatiron Mountains. [Full Story]

Satellite Spies Two Storms in One Shot

NASA/JPL, Ed Olsen

Two tropical storm systems are threatening Northern Australia today, and are so close to each other they were caught in the same satellite view. [Full Story]

See How Earth's Moon Evolved in New NASA Videos

NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

Two new NASA videos use the latest close-up imagery of the moon from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter to reveal Earth's natural satellite in a whole new light. [Full Story]

Photos of Saturn's icy moon Rhea.


NASA's Cassini spacecraft took this raw, unprocessed image of Saturn's moon Rhea on March 10, 2012. The camera was pointing toward Rhea at 26,019 miles (41,873 kilometers) away. [See More Images]

Photos: Skydiver Falls 13 Miles in 'Space Jump' Practice

Red Bull

Pilot Felix Baumgartner of Austria prepares to exits the capsule before his jump at the first manned test flight for Red Bull Stratos in Roswell, New Mexico on March 15, 2012. In this test he reached 71,500 ft. (21,800 meters) and landed safely near Roswell. [See More Images]

Bright Galaxies with Black Hole Hearts Caught Bending Light Into Cosmic Lens

NASA, ESA, and F. Courbin (EPFL, Switzerland)

Gravity from giant black holes inside the centers of galaxies is bending light to create a cosmic magnifying glass, astronomers have found. [Full Story]

Space Guitar Hero: Astronaut to Record Cosmic Music in Orbit

Larrivée Guitars

Canadian astronaut and future space station commander Chris Hadfield has a full load of tasks to tend to when he gets to orbit in December, but he's also planning to fit in some time with one of his passions: the guitar. A Larrivée Parlor acoustic guitar, to be exact, which Hadfield hopes to use to record space music in orbit. [Full Story]

Clues to 'Weird' Saturn Moon Found in Earth's Ice

NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute

Astronomers are closely studying the microwave emissions from Saturn's "weird" moon Iapetus in order to better understand how the solar system formed. [Full Story]

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