Embrace your Dark Side with this official $150K 'Star Wars Death Star' watch

The Death Star will make sure you're never late with this $150,000 Star Wars Death Star Tourbillon watch from Kross Studios.
The Death Star will make sure you're never late with this $150,000 Star Wars Death Star Tourbillon watch from Kross Studios. (Image credit: Kross Studios)

If you think about it, denizens of the "Star Wars" galaxy don't seem too keen on wearing timekeeping devices, but if rich Imperial governors or a certain black-clad Sith Lord were to strap on a sinister wristwatch, it would be this epic model from Swiss designer Kross Studios.

Check out this "most impressive" Lucasfilm-authorized Death Star Tourbillon watch set that will obliterate beefy bank accounts by vaporizing $150,000 of your hard-earned dollars.

Inspired by the Empire's moon-sized superweapon and limited to a production run of just ten units, this extraordinary "Star Wars" timepiece will be delivered inside an official replica transport container and includes a kyber crystal prop from the filming of "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story." It's designed by Marco Tedeschi, one of Kross Studios’ five founders. 

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Here's the official description per Kross Studios:

"Like the powerful battle station itself, the masterpiece of 281 components highlights notable technical innovations. The hour hand embodies an Imperial-Class Star Destroyer, the bane of the rebellion, while the minute hand appears as a Super-Class Star Destroyer, one of the most powerful Empire vessels. The captivating tourbillon cage represents the northern hemisphere of the Death Star, making one revolution per minute. 

"On the surface of the Death Star-inspired Tourbillon, a green superlaser cannon stands reminiscent of the space station’s kyber crystal enabled power. Each realization of a Death Star-shaped tourbillon cage required 260,328 lines of code, which led to 483 operations on high-technology machines. Made in black DLC coated grade 5 titanium, this 45mm case is crafted to the finest standards of Swiss design and engineering."

The Dark Side watch also features two buttons on the rear case that enable wearers to swiftly switch between three interchangeable straps. Options include a black rubber strap and gray calf leather strap, both embossed with the Death Star, along with a third red rubber strap.

For more info on scoring one of these rare "Star Wars Death Star Tourbillon" wristwatches, count up your credits and visit the Kross Studios website here before they all vanish.

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