'Spaceslingers' game uses black holes and wormholes for rocket deliveries

A new space game that uses realistic physics launched last month on Steam.

The game, "Spaceslingers," from solo developer RefresherTowel, uses cosmic objects like black holes and (theoretical) wormholes to let you explore interstellar space, using little more than your wits and the power of gravity. You'll sure need your skills and an adept use of physics for on-time deliveries for your demanding employer, called Spamazon.

The trailer for Spaceslingers on YouTube shows a rocket flying pinball-style along its delivery paths, knocking against asteroids and being spun around the intense gravity of black hole. "Pit yourself against the worst the galaxy has to offer, and deliver those blasted packages!" the trailer urges players.

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Dodge black holes and wormholes to make your cosmic deliveries in the new game Spaceslingers. (Image credit: RefresherTowel)

Space fans will probably think of other, more well-known games that use realistic physics while depicting spaceflight. Like Private Division's "Kerbal Space Program," "Spaceslingers" insists on authentic physics to move spacecraft around in space. And like Rovio Entertainment's "Angry Birds Space," "Spaceslingers" has you propel an object (not a bird this time, but a rocket) from one location to another using items such as gravitational assists.

"Spaceslingers is a space-time bending interstellar ride requiring careful use of gravity and time dilation to navigate through interstellar hazards and land on a target planet, delivering your payload with the lowest possible time taken," RefresherTowel said in a statement.

"You control the direction and power of your ship's launch and then let gravity do the rest," the company added. "By skimming close to space-time warping objects, the time you experience slows down, allowing you to top the leader-boards."

The game is available now on Steam.

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