Best Space Playsets for Kids

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Space playsets are a wonderful way to encourage your children to stay curious, ask questions, investigate what they don't know, and aim high. Through play, your kids can use their imaginations to explore the mysteries of space and use their problem-solving skills to overcome obstacles along the way. When it comes to the best space playsets for kids, here are our top picks.

Staff pick

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CP Toys Plastic Space Mission Rocket Ship

Great for young astronauts

Great for astronauts ages three and up, this space playset encourages imaginative play. Featuring three interactive compartments and five fun characters, your kids will have a blast preparing their rocket for adventures to celestial bodies in outer space. Whether your child embarks on a rescue mission or is just searching for other life forms, there is plenty of room for new friends in each of the rocket's compartments. This space playset has an electronic countdown and plays sounds during liftoff, making it fun and engaging for young explorers. This playset requires three AG10 batteries, which are included in the packaging. 

Exploring space

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Astro Venture Space Shuttle Toy

For space missions

The Astro Venture space shuttle is a fun and interactive toy that your children will love. Equipped with pushable buttons that open compartments, spew sounds, and project lights, your little ones will embark on adventures into the unknown. This space playset is journey-ready with two astronauts and a space vehicle. If your child's adventure turns into a rescue mission, they can use the space shuttle's mechanical arm to save their partner from harm. This space playset is BPA-free and made from non-toxic plastic. It requires two AAA batteries, which are included in the packaging.

Space center

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Liberty Imports Mission to Mars Space Shuttle Playset

15-piece space shuttle hub

This space playset has 15 different pieces, including a space shuttle, two satellites, two rovers, two rockets, two astronauts, a car, some cones, a signpost, and a space rock. Your kids will have a blast creating their very own space center to organize their missions. The realistic space shuttle is made from durable metal and features interactive buttons that light up and play sounds. Whether your child is gearing up to explore new planets or save lost astronauts, a space center will help them stay safe and organized.

Blast off

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KidKraft Rocket Ship Playset

Fun for multiple children

If your children are fascinated by outer space, they will probably love this KidKraft playset. The space playset replicates a busy rocket as it prepares to disembark on an adventure. Equipped with a moving crane, your children can safely lift cargo from the ground to the rocket ship. This playset can be separated into three parts and includes astronauts and aliens. It measures 31-inches tall when fully assembled. This toy is great for multiple kids to play with because the rocket has a job for everyone. 

Space adventures

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Liberty Imports Mega Space Station Kids Pretend Playset

70-piece space station

This space station playset has 70 pieces, so it's ready for interactive play. Equipped with a shuttle, satellites, astronauts, space vehicles, rovers, signs, and stickers, this packed space station is ready for any mission. The space shuttle is made from strong metal and features interactive buttons that cause it to light up and make fun sounds. Your kids will enjoy flying their shuttle to and from the station as they explore the Milky Way. If they plan to travel further than our solar system, the shuttle attaches to a rocket, ensuring that the astronauts make it to their destination safely. This space playset is recommended for children ages three and up.

The bottom line

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A space playset is a brilliant way to get your children excited about space while using their imagination and problem-solving skills to investigate unknown territory. The CP Toys Plastic Space Mission Rocket Ship is perfect for traveling great distances and embarking on rescue missions as this rocket ship has three compartments and five fun passengers.

The Astro Venture Space Shuttle Toy has two astronauts and a space vehicle to make exploring new planets possible. This interactive space playset has sounds, lights, and a built-in mechanical arm to help young explorers get to hard-to-reach places during their top-secret space missions. 

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