This rechargeable National Geographic Power Rocket for kids is 13% off for Cyber Monday

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Rocket Launcher for Kids
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National Geographic has made a nifty toy rocket that doesn't need to be stomp or chemical engine powered, and it is one of many Cyber Monday deals you'll find this week. 

The iconic educational company is currently selling a rechargeable outdoors rocket that can soar up to 200 feet (61 meters). The model rocket, which can take up to 20 flights on a single charge, is currently available for $34.90 at Amazon (a 13% savings off its retail price). 

The motorized toy comes with three unique flight settings for three different heights, all achievable with the push of a button. It launches with a pusher rotor at its base in place of a motor and lands with deployable rotors to descend back to Earth. If this isn't quite what you are looking for, maybe check out our list of Cyber Monday stomp rocket deals

National Geographic Rocket Launcher for Kids:$39.99$34.99 at Amazon

National Geographic Rocket Launcher for Kids: $39.99 $34.99 at Amazon

Save $5 (13%) off this cool outdoors rocket from National Geographic. It comes with learning materials, bright decals to customize the rocket and three launch modes for unique flight experiences.

The National Geographic Rocket Launcher for Kids does requires the separate purchase of one lithium ion battery. But it comes with everything else you'll need: a launch pad, a power cable for recharging and three vibrantly colored decals so that the gift recipient can customize their rocket into their own personal look. 

This model rocket set is well thought out and shines in its simplicity, but it nevertheless comes with a learning guide and detailed instructions. The guide teaches kids about all the science that is related to their toy launcher, like aerodynamics and spaceflight. 

The instructions will lay out how to assemble your rocket, but it's pretty straightforward. Plan on spending about 25 minutes charging the rocket using the cable that comes with the kit, place the rocket on the launcher, then select which of the three launch modes you want to experience outdoors. 

The rocket is equipped with rotor blades that bring the rocket safely back to the ground for more launching fun. The National Geographic Rocket Launcher for Kids is intended for children ages 8 and older. 

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