Lego Star Wars The Child review

The LEGO Star Wars The Child set is an adorable, if repetitive build.

Lego Star Wars The Child set review: image shows The Child Lego set
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Space Verdict

Whether you’re a diehard fan of The Mandalorian, or you simply want a way to represent one of the cutest characters in a galaxy far, far away, The Child build-and-display model is a great set. While some of the building instructions could be slightly clearer, and there’s not a great variety in the bricks included, once built, it looks fantastic on a shelf. Not to mention the poseable ears that add plenty of character to the small green alien that stole the hearts of so many, including The Mandalorian himself.


  • +

    Looks great on a shelf

  • +

    Grogu minifigure included

  • +

    Great size for the price


  • -

    The build is slightly repetitive

  • -

    Limited poseability

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When The Mandalorian premiered on Disney +, fans around the world tuned in to learn all about the adventures of the mysterious titular character. However, few expected that during the very first episode, the spotlight would be completely stolen by a surprise appearance. 

As soon as he first appeared on screen, The Child, better known as “Baby Yoda” became an internet sensation. And while there has been plenty of merch featuring the small green force machine, now it’s Lego’s turn, as the Lego Star Wars The Child set joins their build-and-display series. Fans looking for playsets, or classic Star Wars ships may want to look at our best Lego Star Wars sets for more classics like the X-Wing or the Millennium Falcon, but for those fans that want a cute friend to display on their shelf, The Child is an excellent choice. 

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Lego Star Wars The Child: How is the build?

Lego Star Wars The Child set: image shows Lego Star Wars The Child set under construction

(Image credit: Future)

The Child is built around a central frame, attached to which are the 4 sides of Grogu’s robes, and eventually his head. The frame is the most complex part of the build, however the instructions here are nice and clear, and there’s plenty of colorful pieces used to make sure you don’t make a mistake. These are hidden once the model is completed. 

Essential Info

Average price: $79.99/£69.99
Model number: 75318
Pieces: 1075
Finished item dimensions: 8.5" W x 7.5" H x 4" D

The four sides are essentially flat plates upon which various bricks are layered in order to give the impression of a billowing robe. Building these is fine, but occasionally the instructions are slightly unclear, as it’s so much of all one color and you’ll find yourself misplacing pieces. However, uniquely for a LEGO set, due to the nature of the design, slightly misplaced tiles won’t look out of place, as the effect of the robe is still achieved. These are then attached to the middle frame.

The Child’s head is a slightly more complex build thanks to the possibility of Grogu’s ears and mouth. Almost entirely symmetrical aside from some detailing on the face, the head is detailed with two unique pieces used for Grogu’s eyes. This is a good choice as it avoids the strange dead-eyed issue that many collectors had with the Yoda set in a similar style.

Lego Star Wars The Child: Design and look

Lego Star Wars The Child set review: image shows Lego Star Wars The Child set

(Image credit: Future)

The Child manages to capture the adorable expression of the character in a way that’s very impressive for a LEGO set. The big eyes and the expressive ears translate great to the build-and-display model, a real achievement considering how much personality the character has in the show. 

The robe looks good, and the use of random tiles to give the effect of creases or bunches in the fabric works incredibly well. The variation around the robe means that it doesn’t simply look like 4 identical plate builds attached to the frame. The set also includes the silver ball that Grogu memorably stole from the gearstick of the Razorcrest, which is a nice addition. It sits on a translucent brick, giving the illusion of The Child using the force to make it levitate. 

As is standard with build-and-display sets, as well as some of the classic ships, the set includes a nameplate and a minifigure for Grogu. This really ties the set together and looks great when displayed as part of a collection. Annoyingly, the nameplate is a sticker, so you’ll have to be careful when applying it to avoid air pockets, or sticking it down crooked. 

Should you buy Lego Star Wars The Child?

Lego Star Wars The Child set review: image shows Lego Star Wars The Child set

(Image credit: Future)

This set is perfect for fans of The Mandalorian or fans of the adorable Grogu himself. It doesn’t take up much room on a shelf, and the nice display stand makes it look great as part of a collection of the other high-end Star Wars sets. It’s one of the few LEGO sets that doesn’t immediately look like LEGO until you really examine it, giving it a unique place in a display. 

For fans who want something for a desk or a smaller table, but don’t want something as clumsy or large as a classic Star Wars ship, this is a perfect middle ground. Sure, the build won’t be the most memorable LEGO set you ever construct, but it doesn’t overstay its welcome, and it’s a good size for the price.  

What other Lego Star Wars can you buy?

The LEGO Star Wars The Child is a great introduction to the LEGO Mandalorian line, but if you’re interested in picking up more sets from the series, we recommend the Lego Star Wars AT-ST Raider as an entry into the ships and vehicles from the series. There are also smaller sets that come with The Mandalorian figure, such as the recently released The Armorer’s Mandalorian Forge, however the displayability of that set is lacking compared to the AT-ST. There’s also the Razorcrest, which is an iconic ship from the show, but it’s a bit more expensive than something like The Child or the AT-ST.  

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