'Star Wars: Obi-Wan' show on Disney Plus on hold — Report

star wars: obi-wan disney plus
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Production on the Disney Plus "Star Wars" TV series "Obi-Wan" has been placed on hold, according to Collider.

Reports indicate that scripts for the series didn't meet Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy's standards and were sent back to the writing staff for retooling. They go on to report that the crew, which had assembled at London's Pinewood Studios to begin pre-production, has been adjourned with hopes to restart production by the summer.

Though production has been delayed, a premiere date for "Star Wars: Obi-Wan" has not been announced.

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  • Robert Lucien Howe
    Given the sad risible quality of some of the writing on the Disney Star Wars movies just how bad must these scripts have been?

    There are plenty of commentaries out there on various problems in the movies but I particularly see from a science/science fiction perspective, and from there things are particularly bad..

    The so called 'Star Killer' base built into an Earth like planet can eat a sun...
    - Rocky Earth like planets roughly one millionth the mass of a star.
    Can a baby mouse eat an elephant?
    Can an ordinary fly eat a person?
    In Disney Star Wars yes.

    (The original Walt Disney was enough of a fan of science and space that he would be turning in his grave at that.)

    There are so many more.' The' old classic of bad sci-fi is getting solar systems and galaxies mixed up for instance. In strict science terms the old Star Wars was always better than Star Trek because it made less silly predictions.. Sadly that claim can no longer be made.. (? I forget about red matter ;( )