Space station simulator 'Base One' launches for PC and Mac and it's 20% off

Aspiring space station builders will have a chance to construct and manage fictional interstellar settlements in the new game "Base One."

The space station simulator launched Tuesday (May 11) for $24.99 on PC and Mac, and is currently on sale for 20% off on Steam, or the Mac App store, bringing it down to $19.99. Other platform releases are expected later this year, publisher Blowfish Studios and PixFroze said in a press release. Previous space games from Blowfish include "Element Space" (2020), "Subdivision Infinity" (2019) and "War Tech Fighters" (2019), among other examples.

"Base One" gamers will explore the implications of interstellar settlements whose primary driver is economic interest, rather than scientific exploration like "Star Trek." Your task will be to upgrade your crew's survival abilities and your space stations to keep humans alive and thriving in new regions of the universe.

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"Base One" from Blowfish Studios challenges you to build a sustainable space station for interstellar travel. (Image credit: Blowfish Studios)

Sample game upgrades include solar panels, docking bays, astronaut living quarters and launching systems for interstellar probes, the release said. You'll also be busy with running your station, managing crucial aspects like power and life support that keep your humans functioning in space.

"Settle in among the stars and build new colonies by constructing modular space stations and managing power consumption, oxygen, and heat to keep crew members alive and well as they explore the final frontier," the release stated. "Scour star systems for valuable resources, forgotten satellites, and life signs to unlock new technologies and upgrades to keep the vessels in good working order.

You can nab "Base One" on Steam, or the Mac App store right now. Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 versions are available for wish listing and should be available later in 2021, along with versions for Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

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