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"Captain Marvel's" marketing campaign seems to be kicking into the next gear, as in the past 24 hours Marvel has released a new trailer, three new posters, Twitter emoji, as well as advance tickets.

The posters are exclusives for "Captain Marvel" showings at IMAX, Dolby Cinema, and RealD 3D.

On Twitter, there are currently five different hashtags which will show Captain Marvel-related emojis. Carol emojis use the #CaptainMarvel, #CarolDanvers, and #HigherFurtherFaster; the other two are #NickFury and #GooseTheCat, which show Nick Fury and Goose emojis.

Two months out, Atom and Fandango have both begun selling tickets for opening weekend screenings of "Captain Marvel."

"Captain Marvel" is scheduled to open in theaters March 8.

Originally published on Newsarama.