Photo Tour: Inside Boeing's CST-100 Starliner Spaceship Hangar

The Home of Starliner

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Take a look inside the CST-100 Starliner hangar, where Boeing is building the private space capsules that will fly NASA astronauts and more into space! This photo shows an exterior view of the Boeing Starliner Facility, which once housed the space shuttle Discovery.

Starliner Astronauts

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Commercial Crew astronauts, Sunita Williams Williams and Josh Cassada don white bunny suits to examine a Starliner capsule.

A Space Capsule Forms

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A view of the Starliner capsule which will transport Williams and Cassada on their mission to the space station.

Building Starliner

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A close-up view of the Starliner spacecraft under construction.

A Rookie Astronaut's Spaceship

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NASA astronaut Joe Cassada describes what it feels like to be a commercial crew astronaut.

Starliner's 1st Space Station Crew

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Williams and Cassada inspect their future Starliner capsule.

Checking Starliner

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: Boeing engineers work on the Starliner capsule that will be used on the first crewed mission to the space station.

Starliner's First Crew

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NASA astronauts Eric Boe and Nicole Aunapu Mann and Boeing astronaut Chris Ferguson will be the crew that flies on the first crewed test mission of the Starliner spacecraft.

Pad Abort Starliner

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A view of the Starliner spacecraft (used for pad abort testing) in the Boeing facilities.

A Boeing Astronaut

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Boeing astronaut Chris Ferguson discusses his role as a Boeing employee and now a Commercial Crew astronaut.

Test Flight Crew Speaks

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NASA astronaut Eric Boe discusses his training schedule leading up to the first test flight, which is currently scheduled for 2019.

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