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Expedition 56: The Space Station Mission in Photos

Making Their Mark

Victor Zelentsov/NASA

Expedition 56 crewmembers Sergey Prokopyev of Roscosmos (left), Alexander Gerst of the European Space Agency (center) and Serena Aunon-Chancellor of NASA (right) pose for a photo after adding their own crew insignia decals to the cabin wall aboard the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center aircraft.

Rehearsal Time

Victor Zelentsov/NASA

On May 20, 2018, Expedition 56 crewmember Serena Aunon-Chancellor of NASA, participates in the first fit check dress rehearsal activities.

Step One

Victor Zelentsov/NASA

As part of the first fit check dress rehearsal, Expedition 56 crewmember Serena Aunon-Chancellor of NASA runs through procedures inside the Soyuz MS-09 spacecraft inside the Integration Facility at the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

Paying Tribute

Victor Zelentsov/NASA

In Baikonur, Kazakhstan, backup cremembers for Expedition 56 contemplate and offer flowers at the statue of Sergei Korolev, the Russian space designer icon.

Learning About Past

Victor Zelentsov/NASA

On May 21, 2018, backup crewmembers for Expedition 56 participate in pre-launch activities during a tour of the Baikonur museum.

Watching the Arrival

Joel Kowsky/NASA

On Jun. 4, 2018, a train pulls the Soyuz rocket out to the launch pad at the Baikonur Cosmodrome, as Expedition 56 backup crewmembers — from left, NASA's Anne McClain, Roscosmos' Oleg Kononenk and CSA's David Saint-Jacques — watch.

Photos for the Press

Joel Kowsky/NASA

Following a press conference at the Cosmonaut Hotel in Baikonur, Kazakhstan, Expedition 56 prime crewmembers — flight engineer Serena Auñón-Chancellor of NASA, left, Soyuz Commander Sergey Prokopyev of Roscosmos, center, and flight engineer Alexander Gerst of ESA — pose for a photo.

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