This 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' Parody Video for the 2017 Solar Eclipse Is Just Awesome

A whimsical parody of the Bonnie Tyler song "Total Eclipse of the Heart" highlights the Aug. 21 total solar eclipse that will be visible from the contiguous United States. 

Created by the Warby Parker eyeglass company, a music video for the fake song includes dancers dressed as the sun and the moon, dramatically prancing around an empty school building. 

Because Warby Parker is obviously interested in healthy eyes, the company is giving away free solar eclipse glasses in all of their stores. Visit the company website to find a store near you, or to download instructions on how to make your own solar pinhole projector. [The Best ISO-Certified Gear to See the 2017 Solar Eclipse]

The reimagined lyrics also explain the science of a total solar eclipse and the sensation of seeing such an amazing celestial sight. Here's a verse from Warby Parker’s parody: 

(Turn around)

Every now and then

I get a little bit nervous 

That the best eclipses all have gone by 


(Turn around, bright eyes)

Every now and then

I want the dark 

Turn around, bright eyes

Every now and then

I want the dark 


And I need to see no light 

And I need the whole corona 

And if I miss this dazzling sight 

I'll be sad until forever

A music video parody from the eyeglass company Warby Parker highlights the upcoming total solar eclipse.

The Aug. 21 eclipse, also called the Great American Solar Eclipse, will sweep across the contiguous U.S. from Oregon to South Carolina along a stretch of land about 70 miles (113 kilometers) wide. This is the first such eclipse to travel the width of the U.S. in 99 years, and not until 2024 will another total solar eclipse cross the U.S. from coast to coast.

As the moon passes in front of the sun, it will temporarily block out the sun's disk and much of the light radiated from the body of the star. It is safe to observe this period of totally (when the solar disk is completely covered by the moon) with the naked eye. However, eclipse glasses or solar viewing glasses are required to safely view the solar eclipse whenever any part of the solar disk is visible. 

Having the proper eye protection is important because the sun's bright light can cause serious eye damage during a solar eclipse, when part of the sun's disk is still visible. You can find a Warby Parker store near you online and snag a pair of eclipse glasses before Aug. 21. You can also download instructions for how to make a pinhole projector that will let you safely view the progress of the moon across the face of the sun, even if you don't have solar-viewing glasses.

Update: The Facebook contest is now closed. What's more, the company's Nashville store falls within the path of totality and will host a viewing party. You can enter Warby Parker's Facebook contest for a chance to win a trip to Nashville to celebrate the celestial event.  

To enter, tell Warby Parker whom you would bring with you to witness the total solar eclipse, and why, before the contest closes today (July 31) at 11:59 p.m. EDT. The company will fly one winner and a friend to Nashville for the company's eclipse viewing party. You can find more information and all of the contest rules here.  

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