Red Planet VR: 'Mars 2030' in Pictures

Welcome to Mars

Fusion Media Group

In Fusion Media Group's "Mars 2030," players don a virtual reality headset to explore the surface of Mars.

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An accurate view

Fusion Media Group

Players who land on the surface of Mars are able to explore 25 square miles (40 square km) of the Red Planet drawn from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter's HiRISE camera, as well as exploring a habitat based on a prototype designed by NASA's Langley Research Center.

Landing crew

The player lands on Mars with two other crewmembers; look around at them now, because they don't show up again.


Fusion Media Group

"Mars 2030" players are tasked with exploring the planet and collecting samples. The team collected actual audio from the rover at Johnson Space Center's Mars Yard to make the driving experience realistic.


Fusion Media Group

Players can travel to different points of interest on Mars to gather samples and explore.

The habitat

Fusion Media Group

Finally, players can enter the Mars habitat. Jumping yields a slow fall due to Mars' lower gravity compared to Earth's.

Home base

Fusion Media Group

Inside the habitat, players can explore the waste processing area, Veggie unit (complete with rows of planted greenery) and a research lab.

Veggie unit

Inside the habitat, the Veggie unit hints at how astronauts support themselves on an inhospitable planet.

Vivid view

Fusion Media Group

The machinery on Mars is realized in detail.


Fusion Media Group

Mars goes through day and night cycles over time, and even experiences dust storms which can blot out the sun.

Lava tubes

Fusion Media Group

The players can explore an enormous Martian lava tube, and after taking a sample see a snapshot of the violent geology that created it.

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