How to Play Overwatch's New Moon Map Right Now

Blizzard's hit team shooter Overwatch is getting a sweet new map based on the Moon, and you don't have to wait until its official release to try it out.

If you own Overwatch for your gaming PC, you can start exploring the Horizon Lunar Colony for yourself by firing up the game's Public Test Region (this is how Blizzard tests new features before widely releasing them). To access the PTR, fire up the Blizzard app, move to the Overwatch tab and select "PTR: Overwatch" from the Region/Account menu. From there, you'll be prompted to install the client.

The third major post-release arena to hit Overwatch, Horizon Lunar Colony lets you duke it out in an elaborate Moon base that the game's lovable talking gorilla Winston once called home. You can battle indoors with normal physics, or, for the first time in Overwatch, jump out of the airlock doors and enjoy low gravity combat on the Moon's surface.

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According to Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan, the map will launch will a special Arcade variant where low gravity is enabled no matter where you go. You'll also be able to adjust gravity settings when you set up your own custom matches.

If you have access to the PTR, it's time to test the map's gravity-bending action for yourself. For everyone else, Blizzard says that Horizon Lunar Colony's official release is "coming soon" for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. 

Overwatch is currently celebrating its one-year anniversary, with a special event that lets players unlock a ton of new skins and items from now through June 12.

Originally published on Tom's Guide.

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