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Earth Day 2017: Amazing NASA Photos of Our Planet from Space


Wester Mexico Sands as seen from above. From NASA, "Expedition 47 Commander Tim Kopra of NASA posted this May 15, 2016 photograph to social media, writing, 'Water etchings in western @Mexico sands. @Space_Station #Explore'"

Whirling and Swirling


In the Gulf of St. Lawrence, currents swirl. From NASA, "Orbiting above eastern North America, a crew member on the International Space Station photographed a dense pattern of eddies in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Caught briefly in the Sun's "glint point," reflections off the water surface show an interlinked mass of swirls and eddies in the shallow water north of Prince Edward Island."

Deep, Dark Blue


From space, the Sacred Swan Lake in Tibet. From NASA, "Yamzho Yumco (Sacred Swan) Lake in Tibet is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and is one of the three largest sacred lakes."

Winter Solstice


After winter solstice, this image of northern Canada from space was taken. From NASA, "Just hours after the winter solstice, a mass of energetic particles from the Sun smashed into the magnetic field around Earth. The strong solar wind stream stirred up a display of northern lights over northern Canada."

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