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The Best Space Gifts for Kids

Telescope & Astronomy Kit

Scope out the moon, planets, stars and galaxies with this astronomy kit for beginners (age 12 and up) from Thames & Kosmos. The kit includes a 700-millimeter refractor scope, two eyepieces, a Barlow lens and an image reversal lens so your view is never upside-down. The telescope comes with a tripod and a detailed instruction manual. ($123 on Amazon)

Why we love it: This telescope is strong enough to see everything from lunar craters to distant galaxies, nebulas and star clusters. Its tripod also has a handy platform to keep all your eyepieces and other accessories together.

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Lego Apollo Saturn V Building Kit

Houston, we have a Lego rocket and moon lander! Lego's new Saturn V rocket and Apollo lunar lander building set comes with 1969 pieces to honor the year of the Apollo 11 moon landing. The set includes the pieces to build the rocket, the Apollo command module, lunar lander and crew capsule for splashdown on Earth after the moon mission is complete. Once it's built, the rocket stands 39 inches (99 centimeters) tall. It comes with four tiny Apollo astronaut microfigures and handy display stands. The set is available at the Lego Store and website for $120 and from third-party sellers on Amazon at higher prices. [ Builds: Lego NASA Apollo Saturn V Rocket (Video)]

Why we love it: This building set comes with everything you need to simulate a tiny moon mission with adorable little astronaut microfigures. There's even an elaborate illustration on the box that lays out exactly how the Apollo moon missions worked. The spacecraft are all beautifully detailed, making this an excellent addition to any space fan's Lego collection.

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'Star Wars' Droid Inventor Kit

Build your own R2-D2 or a personal variation of the "Star Wars" droid with this complete droid kit. Build your very own droid from the ground up by putting together its circuit boards and assembling all its body parts, then finish it off with customizable stickers that you can color yourself to make a truly unique droid. A smartphone app can then be used to control the droid and teach it new skills like self-navigation. This kit is recommended for kids age 8 years and up. ($100 on Amazon)

Why we love it: Building a fully functional R2-D2 from scratch may sound like a daunting task for children, but this kit comes with straightforward and simple instructions, so adults are not required! You can also rebuild the droid with household items. The possibilities are endless.

Buy Star Wars' Droid Inventor Kit here.

Wooden Spaceship Kit

Paint a rocket, a UFO or a cute little DeLorean time machine with Kid Made Modern's new wooden spaceship kit. ($23 on Amazon)

Why we love it: Decorate three spaceships with colorful stickers, or hand-paint them with 12 different colors of acrylic paint.

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HexBug Nano Space Cosmic Command


Build a mini moon base for a fleet of robotic space cockroach-like critters known as HexBugs with this Nano Space Cosmic Command building set. The jittering little bots move around the station on their own. The set comes with a nano rocket ship, a rotating gravity trainer, a satellite dish, a rover and other space-themed accessories. ($50 on Amazon)

Why we love it: This set can be put together in a variety of configurations and comes with plenty of fun space activities for the HexBugs.

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