Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2016: Amazing Photos

Parallel Mountains © Sean Goebel (USA)

Copyright Sean Goebel

"The shadow of Manua Kea, the highest peak in the state of Hawaii, is projected by the rising sun over the volcano, Hualalai, whilst the Full Moon soars above them, higher again."

Pickering's Triangle © Bob Franke (USA)

Copyright Bob Franke

"The luminous tangle of filaments of Pickering's Triangle intertwines through the night sky. Located in the Veil Nebula, it is one of the main visual elements of a supernova remnant, whose source exploded around 8,000 years ago."

Rise Lunation © Katherine Young (Sweden)

Copyright Katherine Young

"The often unnoticed ripples and shimmers of the Moon captured on film as it appears to rise through the sky. Here, the Moon is photographed at 98% illumination and is beginning to wane."

Seven Magic Points © Rune Engebø (Norway)

Copyright Rune Engebø

"The rusty red swirls of the circular, iron sculpture Seven Magic Points in Brattebergan, Norway mirror the rippling aurora above."

South © Phil Hart (Australia)

Copyright Phil Hart

"The Southern Cross constellation of the Milky Way, visible in the southern sky creates a guiding light along Bucklands Lane in Central Goldfields Shire, Victoria."

Stars and Stripes © Brandon Yoshizawa (USA)

Copyright Brandon Yoshizawa

"Ancient petroglyphs are lit up by the glittering stars of the night sky in the Eastern Sierras in California, USA."

The Diamond Ring © Melanie Thorne (UK)

Copyright Melanie Thorne

"The dramatic moment that our star, the Sun, appears to be cloaked in darkness by the Moon during the Total Solar Eclipse of 9th March 2016 in Indonesia. The Sun peers out from behind the Moon and resembles the shape of a diamond ring, caused by the rugged edge of the Moon allowing some beads of sunlight to shine through in certain places."

The Disconnection Event © Michael Jäeger (Austria)

Copyright Michael Jäeger

"Comet Lovejoy soars through the night sky in a green haze with an ion tail in its wake. The image shows Lovejoy appearing to lose its tail on 21 January 2015."

The Joy of Seven Sisters © José Francisco Hernández Cabrera (Spain)

Copyright José Francisco Hernández Cabrera

"Comet Lovejoy flashes through the darkness of the Solar System, passing near the open star cluster of the Pleiades or Seven Sisters. The Pleiades glow blue due to their extremely hot nature, and are the most obvious star cluster to the naked eye in the night sky."

Venus Rising © Ivan Slade (Australia)

Copyright Ivan Slade

"During the seldom-seen alignment of the five planets in February 2016, Venus, Mercury and the Milky Way rose an hour before sunrise, and appear to be fleeing its early glow, overlooking Turrimeta Beach, Australia."

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