Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2016: Amazing Photos

A Fork, a Spoon and a Moon © Andrew Caldwell (New Zealand)

Copyright Andrew Caldwell

"A Royal Spoonbill sits atop of a branch basking in the glow of the nearly Full Moon in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand."

Above the World © Lee Cook (UK)

Copyright Lee Cook

"Taken from Sefton Bivouac, the oldest hut in Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand, star trails spiral over the majestic mountains of the park and the seemingly peaceful village below."

Alone © Lee Cook (UK)

Copyright Lee Cook

"With temperatures close to -15 degrees, it's not surprising that the photographer was the only soul in the vicinity of Plateau Hut in Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand. The lonely hut, dwarfed by the snowy mountains of the park, contrasts with the abundance of star trails seemingly encircling the peaks of the Anzac."

Antarctic Space Station © Richard Inman (UK)

Copyright Richard Inman

"A view of the Halley 6 Research Station situated on the Brunt Ice Shelf, Antarctica, which is believed to be the closest thing you can get to living in space without leaving Earth, making it perfect to be used for research by the European Space Agency. As the Sun's light dissipates into the horizon, the aurora can be seen swirling overhead."

Aurora Bird © Jan R Olsen (Norway)

Copyright Jan R. Olsen

"The vivid green Northern Lights resemble a bird soaring over open water in Olderdalen, Norway."

Auroral Nuggets © Stephen Voss (New Zealand)

Copyright Stephen Voss

"The Universe puts on its very own light show to see in the New Year on 1 January 2016, as the Aurora Australis or Southern Lights, arcs over Nugget Point on the South Otago coast of New Zealand."

Between the Rocks © Rick Whitacre (USA)

Copyright Rick Whitacre

"Our galaxy, the Milky Way, stretches across the night sky between two of the imposing rocks at Pfeiffer State Beach, near Big Sur, California. "

Celestial Veil © Yuyun Wang (Singapore)

Copyright Yuyun Wang

"The natural light of the Milky Way battles with the light pollution over the fishing village, or kelong, in Batu Pahat, Malaysia. In the lower right hand corner, there is also bioluminescence in the waters at the bottom of the kelong."

Crystal Brilliance © Tommy Richardsen (Norway)

Copyright Tommy Richardsen

"A mesmerising lunar halo forms around our natural satellite, the Moon, in the night sky above Norway. The halo, also known as a moon ring or winter halo, is an optical phenomenon created when moonlight is refracted in numerous ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere."

Five Plus Two © Der Mits (Greece)

Copyright Der Mits

"The rare opportunity of seeing five planets - Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter - gleaming in the night sky over the Alps captured on camera. On the left hand side is the Dufour peak of the MonteRosa range and on the right hand side of the frame is the instantly recognisable peak of the Matterhorn."

Flash Point © Brad Goldpaint (USA)

Copyright Brad Goldpaint

"The Perseid Meteor Shower shoots across the sky in the early hours of August 13, 2015, appearing to cascade from Mount Shasta in California, USA. The composite image features roughly 65 meteors captured by the photographer between 12:30am and 4:30am."

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