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Galactic Get Down: Galaxies Grooving | Space Wallpaper

Galactic Get Down: Galaxies Grooving
Hubble sent us yet another fabulous image, this time of a pair of galaxies gracefully dancing roughly 550 million light-years from Earth. (Image credit: NASA/ ESA/ STScI/AURA (The Hubble Heritage Team) - ESA/Hubble Collaboration/ University of Virginia, Charlottesville, NRAO, Stony Brook University (A. Evans))

Two galaxies in the constellation of Indus, the Indian, play an interstellar game of tug of war. Their draw toward each other is clear in the section of material taking their two dimensional discs into three-dimensional shapes. The image was released on the 18th anniversary of the Hubble Space Telescope. [See more images from the Hubble Space Telescope.]

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