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Connections in the Cosmic Web: Pandora Cluster | Space Wallpaper

Connections in the Cosmic Web: Pandora Cluster
Galaxies, hot gas and dark matter combine, drawn by gravity, to create the Pandora Cluster. (Image credit: ESA/XMM-Newton (X-rays); ESO/WFI (optical); NASA/ESA & CFHT (dark matter))

Galaxy clusters are the largest formation in the cosmos maintained by gravity. The Pandora Cluster, made up of galaxies, hot gas and dark matter, sits in one of the most focused areas of filamentary 'cosmic web,' with three immense filaments connected to Galaxy Cluster Abell 2744 (the Pandora Cluster). Astronomers used the ESA's XMM-Newton X-ray observatory to gather data on the structure. [Learn more about galaxy clusters.]

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