Best Space Photos of the Week – August 8, 2015

Moon Crosses Earth's Face in Amazing Million-Mile Video


DSCOVR images/video show the moon crossing Earth from 1 million miles away. [Read the full story.]

Fly Over Ceres' Mysterious Mountain and Bright Spots in Incredible Video


New video/animation looks at mountain and Occator crater, even goes into 3D. Scientists talk about future features to scope out. [Read the full story.]

Space Station Crosses the Moon in Awesome NASA Photos

NASA/Bill Ingalls

New pics show the transit happening, also a gif. [Read the full story.]

Apollo Moon Rocket Engines Recovered by Amazon CEO Preserved for Display

The historic F-1 rocket engines that once launched NASA's Apollo astronauts to the moon on the Saturn V rocket have been restored by Jeff Bezos. [Read the full story.]

Saturn Moons Stare Up at Ringed Planet in Gorgeous New Photo

NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute

Two Saturn moons appear to be gazing up at their giant parent planet in a gorgeous new photo taken by NASA's Cassini spacecraft. [Read the full story.]

These Weird Red Arcs on Saturn's Moon Tethys Can't Be Explained

NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute

Weird features on moon cannot be explained. [Read the full story.]

Ghost of a Dying Star Hints at Sun's Future


A bubble of gas has been spotted by telescopes, floating like a cosmic ghost with a dying star at its heart. [Read the full story.]

Monstrous Whirling Gas Cloud Reveals Clues About Galaxy Formation

Chris Martin/PCWI/Caltech

For the first time ever, astronomers have seen a protogalactic disk — a giant whirling cloud of gas from which a galaxy develops. [Read the full story.]

Ancient Galaxy Is Most Distant Ever Found


Astronomers have spotted the farthest-flung galaxy in the known universe. [Read the full story.]

Giant Mystery Ring of Galaxies Should Not Exist


Astronomers have announced the discovery of a truly monstrous structure consisting of a ring of galaxies around 5 billion light-years across — and it defies cosmological theory. [Read the full story.]

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