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Dueling 'Vulcan' Space Projects Prompt Rocket Name Quandary

Call it a rocket builder's Vulcan death grip.

There appears to be a bit of a row between United Launch Alliance's (ULA) just announced new Vulcan rocket and the Paul Allen Vulcan Aerospace enterprise, the big and bold Stratolaunch aircraft.

ULA launched a name-the-new rocket competition that allowed Americans to vote on their favorite name for the company's Next Generation Launch System. Over a million votes later, the Vulcan was the top choice. A reaction to that title stirred up some name calling!

A graphic depicts United Launch Alliance's new Vulcan rocket.
(Image credit: ULA)

According to a report by the Reuters news service: "Vulcan is a trademark of Vulcan Inc. and we have informed ULA of our trademark rights," said Chuck Beames, president of Vulcan Aerospace, a division of Paul Allen-backed Vulcan Inc.

ULA's Vulcan is geared "to transform the future of space by making launch services more affordable and accessible," according to a ULA press statement.

Stratolaunch and Sierra Nevada Corp. are teaming up to create a launch system to propel the Dream Chaser space plane into orbit.
(Image credit: Sierra Nevada Corporation)

Vulcan Aerospace is busy building the world's largest aircraft to send rockets from the aerial platform into low Earth orbit.

May the force be with all in "Vulcanizing" the space ways!

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