Epic Space Costume Photos by Space.com Fans

Jim Lovell in A7L Moon Suit Costume by Wayne Neumaier

Wayne Neumaier

Halloween is cool. A space age Halloween is even cooler. See our favorite space costume photos from Space.com readers from our 2014 space costume contest. HERE: Wayne Neumaier constructed is a replica of the A7L moon suit as captain James Lovell would have worn on the lunar surface. He reports: "The costume even has its own cooling and ventilation system!"

'Predator" Costume by Arthur Waters III

Arthur Waters III

Arthur Waters III submitted this photo of his "Predator" Halloween costume.

Chris Hadfield Costume by Kristy Curtis

Kristy Curtis

Kristy Curtis sent in a photo of Konrad dressed as Col. Chris Hadfield.

'Jebediah Kerman' Costume by John Knight

John Knight

John Knight submitted his costume: "Jebediah Kerman, hero of the Kerbal Space Program video game."

'Sirius, the Dog Star' Costume by Amy Baker

Amy Baker

Amy Baker sent in a photo of her 12-year-old, 5-pound poodle, Patchouli, dressed as Sirius, the Dog Star. Baker says, "She is shining down on some pyramids made from Styrofoam."

'First Rooster on Mars' by Tim Buli

Tim Buli

Tim Buli sent in this photo of himself as "the first rooster on Mars," taken while he is living in the University of North Dakota's (UND) Lunar/Mars Analog Habitat (LMAH).

'Vorlan Chaelmi from Concordia 7' Costume by the Coyne Family

Kevin Coyne

Mikro Coyne wears a costume designed by him, his mother and his father, described as "Vorlan Chaelmi from Concordia 7," taken next to a meteorite in the American Museum of Natural History.

'Chestburster from Alien' Costume by Andrzej Kozłowski

Andrzej Kozłowski

Andrzej Kozłowski of Poland sent in a photo of himself with the "Chestburster" from "Alien" emerging from his torso.

'Solar System' Costume by Mike Armenini

Mike Armenini

Mike Armenini went as "the solar system [with] strategically placed space junk and Uranus."

'Solar System' Costume by Mike Armenini (Back)

Mike Armenini

Mike Armenini went as "the solar system [with] strategically placed space junk and Uranus."

'Alien' Child's Costume by Mark Baummer

Mark Baummer

Mark Baummer sent in a photo of a child in an alien costume.

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