Apollo 11 Moon Landing 45th Anniversary: Complete Coverage

"One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." That sentence, uttered by NASA astronaut Neil Armstrong from the surface of the moon 45 years ago, signaled the dawn of a new age.

This month marks the 45th anniversary of the epic Apollo 11 flight that landed the first humans on the moon and safely returned them to Earth. Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins launched from Florida on July 16, 1969. Armstrong and Aldrin ventured out onto the lunar surface on July 20, 1969. The two men spent 21.5 hours on the moon before taking off from the lunar surface to meet up with Collins in the command module and fly back to Earth. Main Story: The Future of Moon Exploration, Lunar Colonies and Humanity

NASA astronauts returned to the surface of the moon on multiple missions, however, no human has touched down on the natural satellite's surface since 1972. Space.com's complete coverage of the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing appears below: 


Exclusive: Buzz Aldrin Remembers Moon's 'Magnificent Desolation'
Exclusive: Buzz Aldrin Remembers Moments Before the Moon

Apollo 11 Retrospective: 'One We Intend To Win'
Apollo 11 45th Anniversary - NASA Administrator Remembers
Space Station Salutes Apollo 11 45th Anniversary

Infographics and Multimedia:

Apollo Quiz: Test Your Moon Landing Memory

NASA's Historic Apollo 11 Moon Landing in Pictures
How the Apollo 11 Moon Landing Worked: Infographic
Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11 Moonwalker, in Photos

Story Coverage: 

Thursday, July 24

Apollo 11's Vintage Tech: The Most Amazing Moon Landing Innovations
From lunar landers and computers to moon boots and more, NASA's Apollo 11 mission pioneered some amazing technologies to reach the lunar surface. Space.com takes a look at those vintage tech gems.

Apollo 11 Flight Log, July 24, 1969: Return to Earth
It was landing day for the Apollo 11 crew 45 years ago today. See how Apollo 11 commander Neil Armstrong returned to Earth with crewmates Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins here.

Wednesday, July 23

New Space Race? US Eyes Asteroids as Other Nations Shoot for the Moon
NASA may be aiming to send astronauts to an asteroid, and then on to Mars, but many space agencies have their eyes set on more lunar destinations. See how China, India, Japan and Russia are developing missions to send astronauts to Mars in the next two decades.

Apollo 11 Astronauts Meet Obama at White House
U.S. President Barack Obama invited the crew of Apollo 11, the first manned moon landing, to the White House this week to mark the 45th anniversary of their mission. Obama met with Apollo 11 lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin, command module pilot Michael Collins and Carol Armstrong, widow of the late Neil Armstrong - mission commander and the first man on the moon. 

Apollo 11 Flight Log, July 23, 1969: Preparing for Landing
One last full day in space for the Apollo 11 crew. See how they prepared their Columbia capsule for landing, Eagle lander for jettison and themeselves for welcome return to Earth.

Tuesday, July 22

What If Apollo 11 Failed? President Nixon Had Speech Ready
The world may have been captivated by NASA's epic Apollo 11 moon landing success, but U.S. President Richard Nixon could not take the lunar landing for granted. See the speech Nixon had prepared just in case the Apollo 11 mission met with disaster, and Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were left behind on the moon.

Apollo 11 Flight Log, July 22, 1969: Firing Engines for Earth Return
As they entered the homestretch of their mission, Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins made sure their good ship Columbia was pointed in the right direction to reach Earth.

Monday, July 21

Apollo 11's Scariest Moments: Perils of the 1st Manned Moon Landing
It wasn't all fun and adventure for NASA's Apollo 11 astronauts during their historic manned moon landing mission in July 1969. Here, historian and space reporter Rod Pyle outlines the some of the scariest moments of the Apollo 11 lunar landing, and its return to Earth. 

The Future of Moon Exploration, Lunar Colonies and Humanity
Humanity will not be confined to one planet. But if we are ever to leave Earth behind, the moon will be a vital waystation. See how countries and companies are planning to explore the moon in the 21st century.

NASA Names Historic Operations Building for 1st Moonwalker Neil Armstrong
NASA has named the Operational & Checkout facility for its new Orion space capsule after the Apollo 11 commander Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, who died in 2012.

Apollo 11 Patch Flown on 1st Moon Landing to Launch with Astronauts to Mars
When the first humans on Mars land on the Red Planet, they will take a bit of Apollo 11 history along for the ride. See how NASA's long-range plans will pay off on Mars in the 2030s.

NASA Probe Sees Apollo 11 Moon Landing Site from Space: Video
The powerful Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has captured new video views of NASA's iconic Apollo 11 moon landing site from lunar orbit. See them here. 

Apollo 11 Flight Log, July 21, 1969: Launching from the Moon
With their moonwalk complete, Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin blasted off from the moon 45 years ago today to rejoin their crewmate Michael Collins in lunar orbit.

Sunday, July 20

'One Giant Leap': As Apollo 11 Moon Landing Turns 45, NASA Aims for Mars
Forty-five years ago, humanity took a giant leap forward in space exploration as the first people from Earth walked on the surface of the moon. Today, NASA is aiming for a much farther target: Mars, by way of asteroid. Here's how NASA's Next Giant Leap might work.

Apollo 11 Flight Log, July 20, 1969: The Moon Landing

It's the main event for the Apollo 11 crew. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin visited the lunar surface on the Eagle lander as an anxious Michael Collins awaited their return aboard the command module Columbia. Meanwhile, NASA's Mission Control held its breath.

Girl Scouts of America Celebrate Apollo 11 Moon Landing in Cookie Form: Video
We agree with the Girl Scounts of America: the moon needs cookies.

Saturday, July 19

Apollo 11 Moon Landing Carried Big Risks for Astronauts, NASA
NASA's Apollo 11 moon landing mission, and the missions that preceded and followed it, were inherently risky endeavours. Here's how NASA worked to make them as safe as possible.  

Apollo 11 Flight Log, July 19, 1969: Live TV from Near the Moon
With just one day left before landing on the lunar surface, Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins made a live TV broadcast from near the moon. According to Armstrong, "It's a view worth the price of the tripIt's a view worth the price of the trip

The Apollo Moon Landings: How They Worked: Infographic
Get the inside scoop on the technology behind NASA's Apollo moon landings and Saturn V rockets in Space.com's detailed look at how the missions worked.

Friday, July 18

Apollo 11 Flight Log, July 18, 1969: Entering the Moon's Gravity  
On Day 2 of NASA's epic Apollo 11 moon landing mission, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins were entering the moon's gravitational realm.

Destination Moon: The 350-Year History of Lunar Exploration: Infographic
The moon has long been a goal for human exploration, but that legacy expends farther back than you may know. See our retrospective of humanity's plans to explore the moon for the last four centuries.

Future Moon Exploration: How Humans Will Visit Luna: Infographic
When will the first true moon base begin? That depends on how gets back to the moon first. See Space.com's rundown of the major efforts to launch manned missions to the moon in the 21st century.

Thursday, July 17

Apollo 11 Flight Log, July 17, 1969: Course Correction to Reach the Moon
Just one day after launching into space, Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins had a busy time making sure their spacecraft was aimed at the moon.

Moon Boot-Styled Sneakers Celebrate GE's Role in Apollo 11 Lunar Landing
You may not me able to buy a spacesuit, but GE has dreamed up some Apollo 11 moon boot inspired sneakers to put some space on your feet.

The Space Race, Apollo 11 Star in CNN's 'The Sixties'
CNN takes on the Space Race to chronicle the battle for the moon between the United States and former Soviet Union. 

Where's the Moon? Lunar Sights of the Late-Night Sky
The moon is rising into the July night much later than in recent months. Here's how to see it.

Wednesday, July 16

Apollo 11 Flight Log, July 16, 1969: Launch Day
This was the day it began: NASA's historic Apollo 11 manned moon landing mission blasted off 45 years ago today. See what the crew was doing.

Apollo 11 Moon Landing Raised the Bar for Humanity, Astronauts Say: Video
NASA astronauts on the International Space Station say the Apollo 11 moon landing was truly a giant leap for humanity.

Space Pens Mark 45th Anniversary of First Moon Landing
Fisher Pens has released a commemorative space pen to mark the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Tuesday, July 15

NASA Celebrates 45th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Moon Landing
See NASA's schedule of events to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Monday, July 14

Moonwalker Buzz Aldrin Talks Mars and Moon with Space.com: Replay of Live Event
Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon, tells Space.com what it was like to make history with crewmates Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins during NASA's epic Apollo 11 moon landing mission. Aldrin says Mars is humanity's future, and he has a plan to get there.

Friday, July 11

Buzz Aldrin Visits Space.com Monday for Apollo 11 Google Hangout
Apollo 11 moonwalker Buzz Aldrin will talk all things Apollo 11 with Space.com on July 14.

Tuesday, July 8

Moonwalker Buzz Aldrin Launches Campaign for 45th Apollo 11 Anniversary
Apollo 11 lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin wants to know where you were during the Apollo 11 moon landing of July 20, 1969. Here's how to join his #Apollo45 project on YouTube.


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