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Girl Scouts of America Celebrate Apollo 11 Moon Landing in Cookie Form (Video)

The 45th anniversary of NASA's Apollo 11 moon landing is today (July 20) and just might have space fans round the world wondering what it would be like to walk on the moon. The Girl Scouts of America, it turns out, has gone even farther. 

The girls' scouting organizing has recreated astroanut Neil Armstrong's iconic "one small step" on the moon using another icon: the Girl Scout cookie. The Girl Scounts of America posted its fun (and tasty) take on Apollo 11 in a YouTube video released on Friday(July 18). The video shows what appears to be a Do-si-dos peanut butter sandwhich cookie, wrapped in a foil spacessuit, carrying a flag on the moon while its cookie-box lander is parked nearby. NASA audio of Armstrong's first words on the moon serves as a fitting backdrop. [Apollo 11 Moon Landing 45th Anniversary: Complete Coverage]

While the Apollo 11 cookie video is all in good fun, the Girls Scounts of America takes space seriously. Just last week, on Sunday, July 13, the Girl Scouts of Hawaii launched a small plant growth experiment to the International Space Station aboard a private Cygnus spacecraft built by Orbital Sciences. 

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