Best Space Photos of the Week - June 28, 2014

Giant Waves Reveal Surprising True Size of Sun's Atmosphere


The sun's volatile atmosphere is even bigger than expected, a NASA spacecraft revealed through observations of gigantic waves. [Read the full story here.]

Found! Trio of Huge Black Holes in Distant Galaxy's Core

: © Roger Deane (large image); NASA Goddard (inset bottom left; modified from original)

Scientists have just discovered a distant galaxy with not one but three supermassive black holes at its core. [Read the full story here.]

Secrets of Sun's 'Coronal Rain' Revealed (Video)

E. Scullion/SST

Earth's nearest star has bad weather, too.

X-Ray Signal May Illuminate Dark Matter Mystery

X-ray: NASA, CXC, SAO, E.Bulbul, et al.

Two spacecraft have detected a possible signal of dark matter, the mysterious, invisible stuff that makes up most of the material universe.

Earth's Largest Solar Telescope Takes Awesome, High-Def Images of Sun (Video)

Santiago Vargas Domínguez & Alexander Kosovichev (BBSO/NJIT)

Recent observations from the largest solar telescope on Earth reveal a never-before-seen look at fine structures on the sun. [Read the full story here.]

Cold Dead Star May Be a Giant Diamond

B. Saxton (NRAO/AUI/NSF)

Astronomers aren't being poetic when they say this star is a diamond. [Read the full story here.]

Surprise! Big Jupiter Moons Shine Even When Eclipsed

NAOJ/JAXA/Tohoku University

Jupiter's largest moons don't go completely dark when the giant planet blocks their sunlight, astronomers have found. [Read the full story here.]

Happy Anniversary! Curiosity Rover Marks 1 (Martian) Year


NASA's Curiosity rover has now been exploring the Red Planet for a full Martian year. [Read the full story here.]

'Magic Island' Possibly Seen in Seas of Saturn's Huge Moon Titan


A mysteriously bright anomaly winked in and out of existence on the seas of Saturn's largest moon, Titan — potentially the first time waves, bubbles or some other unknown features have been seen there, scientists say.[Read the full story here.]

Dusty Structure of Milky Way Galaxy Revealed in New 3D Map

Sale et al/IPHAS

A new 3D map of the Milky Way galaxy shows the dust that permeates the galaxy in great detail.[Read the full story here.]

NASA Astronauts Shave Heads After U.S. World Cup Loss to Germany (Photos, Video)

NASA / ESA / Alexander Gerst Twitter

For two American astronauts aboard the International Space Station, losing a bet meant losing their hair. [Read the full story here.]

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