Sci-Fi to Snoopy: NASA's Coolest Mission Posters (Photos)

Space: The Final Frontier


NASA is a high-tech space agency but even astronauts and engineers need to cut loose with some wild mission posters. Take a look at some of the wildest mission posters by NASA astronauts and their crewmates in this gallery. HERE: If you're on a mission to the International Space Station (Expedition 21), you can't go wrong with a reference to the famed outer space TV series Star Trek as the crew did here (though to Enterprise, of all the ones to choose).

Expedition 45 'Star Wars' Crew Poster


The official crew poster for the International Space Station's 45th expedition pays tribute to Disney/Lucasfilm's Star Wars. The poster, which includes the first one-year crew to the space station, dresses the six astronauts and cosmonauts as Jedi Knights. Read the Full Story.

Expedition 42 Crew Poster and Hitchhiker's Guide


The official crew poster for the International Space Station's 42nd expedition parodies "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy." Read the full story to see how the mission poster evolved.

9. Is This the Crew of the Nebuchadnezzar?


Fans of a particular futuristic science-fiction film series will recognize the significance of this poster for Expedition 16, a six-month mission to the International Space Station in 2007 (Astronaut Peggy Whitson (center) was commander. Where’s Keanu? Wh

You Are Not Spock


This shuttle mission (STS-134) can't go wrong with a poster parodying a movie reboot of the 1960s cult hit "Star Trek."

Are They Going to Blow Up an Asteroid?


STS-131 is slated to launch this spring to stock up the International Space Station, not to allow Bruce Willis to blow up an asteroid.

An Ensemble Cast


A one-sheet for a star-studded sequel to a remake of a 1960 "Rat Pack" caper film Oceans Eleven gets the NASA treatment for STS-125, the last ever shuttle flight to the Hubble Space Telescope, which launched in May 2009.

3. The Star Quidditch Team Has New Uniforms


Fans of a certain boy wizard and his magical pals will recognize the inspiration for this poster commemorating the STS-124 mission. Despite all his magic, Harry Potter never did reach space, though

Jonesing For It


This poster for shuttle mission STS-119 invokes a swashbuckling archeologist and his search for a crystal skull. Does the shuttle crew hate snakes? More to the point, will Harrison Ford be back for the inevitable sequel?

6. Able to Leap Tall Buildings in a Single Bound


A comic book cover makes a fine setting for the launch of mission STS-121, NASA’s second return to flight mission. Vrooom! This mission launched in July 2006.

Hey, Why Am I Mr. Pink?


The International Space Station’s Expedition 23 astronauts pick their signature colors in this mimicking of the poster for the film Reservoir Dogs. They don't call each other by colors in space though. Harvey Keitel is cringing right now.

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