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Rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse Photos of Nov. 3, 2013 (Gallery)

Annular/Total Eclipse of Nov. 3, 2013

Sky & Telescope/Fred Espenak

The solar eclipse on November 3, 2013, begins annular (at the far-left end of the central green line) but quickly becomes total as the moon's umbra crosses the Atlantic Ocean, then central Africa. The eclipse is partial over a much wider region, as mapped by the grid. For your location, interpolate between the red lines to estimate the Universal Time of maximum eclipse, and between the blue lines for the fraction of the Sun's diameter that will be covered then. [Read the Full Story of Sunday's Solar Eclipse Here]

Hybrid Solar Eclipse of November 3, 2013

Espenak and Meeus/NASA

The final eclipse of 2013 is one of the rare hybrid or annular/total eclipses in which some sections of the path are annular while other parts are total. [Read the Full Story of Sunday's Solar Eclipse Here]

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