Inspiration Mars: Private Mars Voyage in 2021 (Gallery)

Inspiration Mars Spacecraft Concept

Inspiration Mars

An artist's illustration of the Inspiration Mars Foundation's spacecraft for a 2021 mission to Mars by a two-person crew. The spacecraft's launch was originally scheduled for 2018, however, the target date has now slipped. The private Mars mission would be a flyby trip around the Red Planet. Read the full story.

Inspiration Mars Spacecraft Concept

Inspiration Mars

An artist's depiction of the planned Inspiration Mars spacecraft to send a married couple on a flyby mission around Mars. [Read the Full Story of the Inspiration Mars Mission Plan Here]

Inspiration Mars Mission Concept

Inspiration Mars

This image from an Inspiration Mars fact sheet shows the nonprofit space exploration group's vision for its planned two-person Mars flyby mission, which it hopes to launch by 2021. [Read the Full Story of the Inspiration Mars Mission Plan Here]

Dennis Tito Talks About His Space Tourist Flight

NASA Kennedy Space Center

Dennis Tito became the first space tourist when he launched toward the International Space Station in April 2001. Here, he shares his experiences at a space conference in 2003. Tito is leading an effort for a private manned Mars mission in 2021. Read Tito's view of the private manned Mars voyage.

Inspiration Mars Title Card

Inspiration Mars Foundation

This title card was displayed during the Inspiration Mars press conference to announce a proposed human journey to Mars. Image released Feb. 27, 2013. Read the full story.

Dennis Tito's 2018 Human Mars Flyby Mission Explained (Infographic)

Karl Tate, Infographics Artist

The Inspiration Mars mission is Space tourist Dennis Tito's daring proposal to send a man and a woman on a 501-day space flight around the planet Mars and back. See the full infographic and get an embed code.

Mars Flyby Mission Diagram

Inspiration Mars Foundation

Space tourist Dennis Tito proposes a Mars flyby mission with a trajectory shown here. The mission was announced Feb. 27, 2013. Read the full story.

Mars Envisioned by Inspiration Mars

Inspiration Mars

An image envisions Mars, as presented during the unveiling of the proposed Mars flyby mission on Jan 27, 2013. Read the full story.

Dennis Tito Proposed Mars Flyby Mission

Inspiration Mars Foundation

Space tourist Dennis Tito proposed a Mars flyby mission at a press conference on Feb. 27, 2013.

Inspiration Mars Press Conference

Inspiration Mars Foundation

The Inspiration Mars Foundation announced their proposed Mars flyby mission on Feb. 27, 2013. Space tourist Dennis Tito (seated at left) is the creator of the foundation. Read the full story.

Space Tourist Pioneer: Dennis Tito

Space Adventures

American businessman Dennis Tito, the world’s first orbital space tourist, is seen training for his historic 2001 flight to the International Space Station. Tito launched in April 2001 aboard a Russian Soyuz spacecraft thanks to a $20 million deal brokered by the Virginia-based firm Space Adventures.

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