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Sally Ride: First American Woman in Space (Pictures)

Sally Ride on Shuttle Challenger's Middeck on STS-7 Mission


Astronaut Sally Ride is pictured on the space shuttle Challenger's middeck during the STS-7 mission.

Sally Ride


Sally Ride in an official NASA portrait.

Sally Ride, First American Woman in Space


The first U.S. woman in space, Sally Ride, monitors control panels from the pilot's chair on the Flight Deck of the STS-7 mission.

STS-7 Crew Photo


Inflight view of the crew of the STS-7 mission. In the rear from left to right are Astronauts Robert L. Crippen, crew commander; Frederick H. Hauck, pilot; and John M. Fabian, mission specialist. In front are Drs. Sally K. Ride and Norman E. Thagard, mission specialists.

Sally Ride & Frederick Hauck Train for STS-7 Mission


Two members of the STS-7 crew, mission specialist Sally Ride and pilot Frederick Hauck, go over procedures in operating the remote manipulator system at the Johnson Space Center.

Sally Ride Discusses Anniversary of Her Historic Trip to Space

NASA Johnson Space Center (NASA-JSC).

Astronaut Sally K. Ride, mission specialist for STS-7, standing outside of the Shuttle Mission Simulator (SMS) on May 27, 1983. She is wearing the shuttle blue flight suit.

STS-7 Crew During Training


Members of the STS-7 crew are pictured during a training session.

Sally Ride Reviews STS-3 Post-Flight Data


Astronaut Sally K. Ride goes over post-flight data from STS-3 during a crew debriefing session at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

Sally Ride in Mission Control During STS-2 Simulation


Astronaut Sally Ride at the CapCom console during STS-2 simulation.

Sally Ride Answers Questions About STS-7 Mission


Astronaut Sally Ride, mission specialist for the STS-7 mission, responds to a question from an interviewer during a taping session for ABC's Night Line.

STS-41G Crew Photo


The STS-41G crew. In the lead is mission specialist Kathryn Sullivan. Behind her is commander Robert Crippen and mission specialist Sally Ride. Behind Crippen and Ride are payload specialist Paul Scully-Power and mission specialist David Leestma. Behind them are pilot Jon McBride and payload specialist Marc Garneau.

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