Final Voyage of Space Shuttle Enterprise (Photos)

Space Shuttle Enterprise Over Statue of Liberty

Lery PointDuJour

The prototype space shuttle Enterprise flies over the Statue of Liberty on April 27, 2012, in this shot by Lery PointDuJour.

Enterprise and SCA Fly Against Sun and Clouds

Mike Prospero

Space shuttle Enterprise and the SCA fly against a dramatic backdrop of clouds and sun on their way to JFK Airport, NYC, April 27, 2012.

Shuttle Enterprise Over New York Skyline

Mike Minervini

Reader Mike Minervini took this photo of Enterprise flying over the New York skyline on April 27, 2012, from Union City, N.J.

Shuttle Enterprise as Seen from Chelsea Piers, Manhattan

Andrea Mustain

Andrea Mustain, staff writer for our sister site OurAmazingPlanet, caught the Enterprise over the Hudson River on April 27, 2012.

SCA and Enterprise Flying as Seen from a Manhattan Rooftop

Mihir P. Patel

Mihir P. Patel, IT Technician at TechMediaNetwork (our parent company) took this shot from the rooftop of the offices in the Flatiron District of Manhattan, April 27, 2012.

Enterprise and SCA Seen from Pier 86, Manhattan

Rachael Rettner

Rachael Rettner of our sister site, MyHealthNewsDaily, took this photo on Pier 86 off Manhattan's west side, near the USS Intrepid, future home of the Enterprise. Photo taken April 27, 2012.

Space Shuttle Enterprise Over New York City / Robert Z. Pearlman

The prototype space shuttle Enterprise and its ferry aircraft fly over New York City on April 27, 2012.

Leonard Nimoy Gives Vulcan Salute at Enterprise Welcoming Ceremony

Tariq Malik/

Leonard Nimoy of "Star Trek" fame says a few words after NASA's prototype space shuttle Enterprise touched down in New York City on April 27, 2012.

Enterprise Welcoming Ceremony

Chris Rodriguez/

Speakers welcoming the space shuttle Enterprise to New York City, as it sits on a runway aboard the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft at JFK Airport. Leonard Nimoy of "Star Trek" fame sits to the left of the empty chair. Photo taken April 27, 2012.

Front View of SCA and Enterprise After Landing at JFK Airport

Clara Moskowitz/

Clara Moskowitz, Assistant Managing Editor, got this shot of Enterprise and the SCA at JFK airport after they landed, April 27, 2012.

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